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♥Sunday, January 15, 2017

hey my readers,so yeah i know mylife kinda sux sometimes,,but err..okay let me start from two  days ago..okay so two days ago i went to southcity alone. .okay cause i want to find baglawh.,this is the arabic dessert..i do really like it..its my fav okay..and yeah south city is like arabic street.,because its full with arab guy..oh yeahh they are so handsome..try to flirt someone hahhaaa.nah just kidding....my mind is keep think about Capital A ..i dont know why i do really feel that i love him...i just thinking of him..even we have nothing..so i just ate at mamak restaurant alone.and yeah i ate "roti tissue" yeahh i love it so much..i do really like roti tissue okay.and what else oh yeah..so i texted one of my bro which ab_____..yeah i told him that i cant stop think about Capital A..even he said i should forget about him..yeah i will,,but i dont know this feeling is hard to stop..and about the new guys that like me and said that he want me and everything..i dont feel love from him..i dont feel anything from him..i dont know why.because love is the feeling that can makes u feel totally different..totally at the another place which can bring u close with the happiness star..so..i decide to break off with him.i mean i dont want anything..and yesterday.suddenly Capital A texted me and he asked me to meet up..so we met at klcc and yeah i do really miss him i hug him tightly....i love him...he is the guy infront of my eyes.he is the guy that i wait.that so special...please dont leave me..i want u.i want u..its what my heart said....hey aerun..u are really in love..fuck u girl !..i dont know what i am thinking..but he too special for me..now.....

Out Of Bounds:D
8:57 PM