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♥Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fuck u aerun !!!..i do really feel bad ..i know im sux..why should i do..i break with mylove zaid because i dont feel like i love him more like what i feel before..maybe because i dont feel like he too romantic like i always wish.and i feel .like he suitable to be my friends or brother,but sometimes i do agree that i need him,because we are together for 2 years..and suddenly we are broke up and i feel like..yeah ..maybe he not for me...and after a few days there have one guy come to mylife, he makes me so comfortable..he so romantic.,he is the first guy which is proposed me in the romantic way with the flowers and romantic dinner...and romantic dance..that is the first time i move my legs as that i wish..he do really make me loves him,but not the rainbow always there,,,and the rain is coming and he want to end this relationship because he cant belongs for me.i accept what he wants and what he decide i should agree  cause i want he happy,.,,but i swear he is the first guy i met that can treat me as a princess,like what he said.,im his princess.actually i always wish that zaid wait for me infront of uni and do something surprise,but he do really did all this ,,thanks i do appreciate allthis..but the times u end this relay i feel like u just comes for play the games,,,and i start feel i dont want to be loyal,and make others guy fall in love with me,,while im not lovehim..i still fall in love with capital A. still keep thinking about him..but this new guys..keep say i want u and everything..but i still dont feel happy with that..see.. fuck u aerun..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:49 AM