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♥Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dear my heart...u should be patient ,even you feel hurt,,even u feel miss that guy,,even he just give u hope,miss but he is nothing for u anymore,,if someone do really love u ,he will appreciate and accept who u are,and he will not treat u like buy new clothes.once i hate i will hate and i will never forget it.

 oh look i found something.

Out Of Bounds:D
12:39 PM

hey readers..okaY .today i was dreamed about something crazy about tunisian guy..hahahaha funny okay..but its really nice i wish that i can meet them..i do really want to meet them for real..oh yeahh i still keep in touch with zaid..even me and him we break off.but he still call me baby...hahahhaha..my mom asked me why should i break off with him while he is a good guy..and all people think that me and him we fight and what so ever.,,nah i m just bored with..bored with my relay im not aperson which is loyal and im not a person which is like a guy keep say dont do this dont do that..because he said he loves me..yeah i know that..and to be honest since i couple with him i also gain weight because that monkey keep ask me to eat..hahahahah...so yeah .i cant wait for tomorrow..and what else...urmmm oh yeahh i hope and i pray that i can pass this semester so i can continue my degree..amin..May Allah bless me..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:40 AM

♥Wednesday, January 25, 2017

if u know how hurt the feeling when u love someone or somebody,and he put u with hope,believe,love comfortable situation but actually he doesnt want u for the whole of his life...can u imagine this feeling..is totally hurt okay..its totally kill my heart inside and slowly i fall like no one can hold me at the back..i put u with trust,and do what u want me to do..but actually im nothing..dont tell me u love me if u just come to me for start the game,cause i dont need  a game..and i dont need to be a player which is will control by the remote..why no one can take care of my heart ,,and i just feel so give up with it,,im totally give up with relationship,,just throw back about what someone did to me when i was 15 and make me feel want to kill myself...man stop make me cry stop make me hurt...im so emotional

Out Of Bounds:D
10:37 AM

♥Monday, January 23, 2017

so hey blogger i do really have some thing to tell you guys...okay guess what.....tell me  now...???
hahhahahhaha okay....actually i bought new phone which is iphone 6.okay.so now im the iphone user.okay...im not plan to buy i phone for first but because my phone was broken so i need to use it..i totally need to use  a new one..so i bought this iphone 6..which is make me so proud with it..okay come on girls dont be so show off..so yeah i just feel totally happy when i use this phone...so after i bought this phone i went to the zouk with mygirl amy..okay actually me and her we are really close now..cause she is thinking like what im thinking..and she use iphone6s+ i do adore her phone..hahahahaah.so we were planning to break my iphone virgin..hahahahahha..so i brought it to the club..totally.that was awesome day for me,okay..actually i have some video to show ..but i think nah its okay no need ..secret keep it as secret right..

Out Of Bounds:D
1:03 PM

♥Sunday, January 15, 2017

hey my readers,so yeah i know mylife kinda sux sometimes,,but err..okay let me start from two  days ago..okay so two days ago i went to southcity alone. .okay cause i want to find baglawh.,this is the arabic dessert..i do really like it..its my fav okay..and yeah south city is like arabic street.,because its full with arab guy..oh yeahh they are so handsome..try to flirt someone hahhaaa.nah just kidding....my mind is keep think about Capital A ..i dont know why i do really feel that i love him...i just thinking of him..even we have nothing..so i just ate at mamak restaurant alone.and yeah i ate "roti tissue" yeahh i love it so much..i do really like roti tissue okay.and what else oh yeah..so i texted one of my bro which ab_____..yeah i told him that i cant stop think about Capital A..even he said i should forget about him..yeah i will,,but i dont know this feeling is hard to stop..and about the new guys that like me and said that he want me and everything..i dont feel love from him..i dont feel anything from him..i dont know why.because love is the feeling that can makes u feel totally different..totally at the another place which can bring u close with the happiness star..so..i decide to break off with him.i mean i dont want anything..and yesterday.suddenly Capital A texted me and he asked me to meet up..so we met at klcc and yeah i do really miss him i hug him tightly....i love him...he is the guy infront of my eyes.he is the guy that i wait.that so special...please dont leave me..i want u.i want u..its what my heart said....hey aerun..u are really in love..fuck u girl !..i dont know what i am thinking..but he too special for me..now.....

Out Of Bounds:D
8:57 PM

♥Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fuck u aerun !!!..i do really feel bad ..i know im sux..why should i do..i break with mylove zaid because i dont feel like i love him more like what i feel before..maybe because i dont feel like he too romantic like i always wish.and i feel .like he suitable to be my friends or brother,but sometimes i do agree that i need him,because we are together for 2 years..and suddenly we are broke up and i feel like..yeah ..maybe he not for me...and after a few days there have one guy come to mylife, he makes me so comfortable..he so romantic.,he is the first guy which is proposed me in the romantic way with the flowers and romantic dinner...and romantic dance..that is the first time i move my legs as that i wish..he do really make me loves him,but not the rainbow always there,,,and the rain is coming and he want to end this relationship because he cant belongs for me.i accept what he wants and what he decide i should agree  cause i want he happy,.,,but i swear he is the first guy i met that can treat me as a princess,like what he said.,im his princess.actually i always wish that zaid wait for me infront of uni and do something surprise,but he do really did all this ,,thanks i do appreciate allthis..but the times u end this relay i feel like u just comes for play the games,,,and i start feel i dont want to be loyal,and make others guy fall in love with me,,while im not lovehim..i still fall in love with capital A. still keep thinking about him..but this new guys..keep say i want u and everything..but i still dont feel happy with that..see.. fuck u aerun..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:49 AM

♥Tuesday, January 10, 2017

i met a guy which is so romantic..his name is Capital A..he make me fall in love with him..after i finish my last paper he came in front of my university, brought me a bouquet of roses..bring me to a romantic dinner and teach me how to dance  romantic song..i do really appreciate it,but then rainbow will not always there,its gone slowly without we realise,thanks for hurt me,,i just feel thankful because u make me how to be in love in the romantic way..and i can feel it one times even its end with the sad story..thanks a lot .....................

Out Of Bounds:D
8:13 PM