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‚ô•Friday, December 30, 2016

i dont know ,before 2017 .i mean a day before 2017..i just thinking that i cant stay with my boyfriend anymore.i cant...seriously,i know he good to me,,he  did everything..but i dont feel free,,,i dont feel like i can do everything i want..and what i always wish in the relationship to get the romantic guy,,which can be more romantic with me,,but nah,,i cant,,he not being romantic and how can i be that,,i wait for him to propose first..like my friend they have their own couple ring,,n  i do really wish for that,,i mean ,i want he to start it first,,but he keep give excuse and say okay we will buy..but at last,nah,,i dont want kinda of this guy...i dont like it,i want to have a romantic dinner with him....but idont know how..hurmmm...i know im so choosing,,but at least once a year,,its okay right,,i dont feel its work good on me..i want to be single..and do what ever i want..cause im totally give up...too give up...i just want him to give me surprise and kiss me for the first new year..
But nah.....stop dreaming girl..he will not do that.... and the time im asking him go to my uni.
and he keep give me excuse..and everything.idk.but others guy will come to uni.make surprise
im infront of uni babe..yeahh.something like this...
but he not....

Out Of Bounds:D
10:49 AM