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♥Friday, December 30, 2016

i dont know ,before 2017 .i mean a day before 2017..i just thinking that i cant stay with my boyfriend anymore.i cant...seriously,i know he good to me,,he  did everything..but i dont feel free,,,i dont feel like i can do everything i want..and what i always wish in the relationship to get the romantic guy,,which can be more romantic with me,,but nah,,i cant,,he not being romantic and how can i be that,,i wait for him to propose first..like my friend they have their own couple ring,,n  i do really wish for that,,i mean ,i want he to start it first,,but he keep give excuse and say okay we will buy..but at last,nah,,i dont want kinda of this guy...i dont like it,i want to have a romantic dinner with him....but idont know how..hurmmm...i know im so choosing,,but at least once a year,,its okay right,,i dont feel its work good on me..i want to be single..and do what ever i want..cause im totally give up...too give up...i just want him to give me surprise and kiss me for the first new year..
But nah.....stop dreaming girl..he will not do that.... and the time im asking him go to my uni.
and he keep give me excuse..and everything.idk.but others guy will come to uni.make surprise
im infront of uni babe..yeahh.something like this...
but he not....

Out Of Bounds:D
10:49 AM

♥Thursday, December 29, 2016

hey aerun ..2017 will  coming soon..
so what is your resolution..
okay first ..what i want in mylife is ..
1- i want try to be a good girl 
2-i want to stop be talk active,i want to be quiet 
3-i want to do what i want in mylife.
4-i dont want make guy fall in love with me,or i fall in love with others guy,cause i just 
want to focus with myself and zaid..or if he still make me 
feel give up with him..okay ..i will move on
5-i want to get good mark.so i can continue my degree..
6-i want to be myself but on the same times i want to do whatever i want 
as long as im not ask anyone to pay mylife
7-coffee in the morning..
okay this sound crazy..but its mean i need to be alone.and get my own smile.
8-believe with myself.let u do what u want not others people ask me to do what they want.
9-i want get my license.
10-make saving for myownself..and get iphone 6 for my self.

Out Of Bounds:D
10:30 AM

♥Tuesday, December 20, 2016

i know im stupid...
im stupid..actually i already forget about u man..i dont want u come to my life..i wake myself up..its hard to wake myself up i dont know why i do really like u..i like u so much..but u really hurt me..man..even i cant  see your face anymore..i sat alone,sometimes its hard to control the feeling but,the time u let everything go yeahh my tears..i cant control my tears anymore..i will let it fall until i can  feel satisfied with it..... its okay..i can move on man..i will ..i hope so...:'(

Out Of Bounds:D
5:03 AM

♥Sunday, December 18, 2016

hey guys..how was your day..?great or nope?arghhh how i want to explain..okay TBH..im not a good person which is all people will think im good...but nahhhh.im not man..and u know what...okay let me talk about today..actually sometimes i always feel like what i got still not enough yeah i always think like that and i dont know why..but its not good to be selfish right..err what i need to tell is..today i went out with my boyfriend ..my good man ever i got ..even i hate him a lot sometimes.and i never realize that our relationship until here..thanks man..u are the great guy..so today we went to times square...because i do really want buy make up hahahhaaaa.im not a person which is wear make up..because i cant feel myself if i did that.but now adays i feel like i want to wear it because revenge is to be pretty...yeah..im sorry honey if i hurts u alot but now for now..i wont do that..i love u..the way u treat me,even i hate u when u not wash my clothes or say no when i want to eat chocolate before eat my dinner.. 

 ok here is me :)
yeah im 20 now ..i wrote this blog since i was 14 
okay let me tell u guys something since i was 14 ,i was tomboyish and i do really like 
this kind of hair..tattoo and everything but sometimes i realize that im muslim and i cant
follow what western people did right..

but when someone make me hurt its make me feel like i want to be a guy..
yeahh to be a guy.. :)
nothing to say..
okay i hope tomorrow will be a good day for me.and i dont want to see the donkey at my university
that too suck...okay..who is donkey.?
err a secret guy ..okay..

Out Of Bounds:D
6:28 AM

♥Tuesday, December 6, 2016

hey blogger,,,,last monday is my anniversary with my boyfriend for 2 years together,,that is my first time i have a long relationship like this..and i bought for him a shoes,,he really like that shoes,,actually im planing to make a surprise but because i want him to choose it by  himself so i brought him to the shoes shop..and he choose it,,at first he refuse to have it ,but i told him  that i want to buy for him.. i do really love him but sometimes when he have no time for me,i feel alone,...i feel scared with this semester i hope i can finish it asap..ok bye

Out Of Bounds:D
4:18 PM

♥Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hey blogger im 20 now..yeah but i never feel like i want to be 20,i felt scared to face the truth,i just want my life like when i was 14 ...seriously im not ready for all of this....I keep doing a mistake,and my big mistake is ......... i try to learn how to make my own decision choose my own way...Do  something that i feel make me free,try to make myself happy,,but on the same time,i should hide my real face to cover up my sadness to cover what i did..i dont want wish for miracle,i want its work because of my effort..-aerun

Out Of Bounds:D
8:40 PM