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♥Tuesday, April 19, 2016

hey guys im sorry im not too update for been more then 3 months...
yeah i got something to tell u guys that actually this kind surprise also,hurmm i tried to close with my God.ALLAH..and learn to be good better than yesterday,i dont know why i always feel like im sick..but the truth is im psycho myself..am i..May ALLAH protect me and keep me in health.pray for me too okay..i miss my old life but i cant turn back..because its already past,and never regret with what u have done,,.everything was written there....THanks ALLAH to open the taubah door thru my heart because i know its time....and i really thankful because i have a good boyfriend..i wish one day he will be mine HALAL...i want he to be my future husband..and take care of me..thats what i want..

the wonderful thing when u open alquran and read it..its the best damn thing..
and u can feel what your want already there..

stop challenge to win,,money,
we are nothing ,one day we will go and leave this world..
and im so proud to be my parents daughter,
never regret to sit at my mom tummy for 9 months..
i love them..mama n daddy
even i always said that why im not born from rich family but actually i already got the answer
my family is rich already rich with the islam knowledge 
that much better than money,..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:08 AM