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♥Saturday, January 16, 2016

story 2

DAY to day,miss E feel bored with her life,like empty,,jealous when she saw a good couple walk infront of them.She feel like herself is a bird that can't fly....should wait and walk alone...and since MR.A come to her life she feel like her life is appreciate by others and the time miss E saw Mr.A hold her hand and proudly say she is mine..SHe is mine!!miss E feel guilty with her self...why should him..is that him will become her boyfriend..and they be together..miss E hug MR.A tightly..Can i ask u one question.while she lay at MR.A chest.

Why you still choose me?even you already know i have a boyfriend?
Because i know one day u will choose one between me and him,maybe 
you will not choose me,but i really love this moment the time me and u,,
together like this and i want u remember it,this small room.
I LoVe u.. i want to do everything that make u happy....
even u not choose me...
Hasil carian imej untuk couple sweet

miss E..thanks i love u too,...while crying and hug MR A..

life is too difficult for her to choose..She really love  Mr.D but she keep waiting for 
him message,even she with Mr.A she still thinking of MR.D
SHe really love MR.D and hope Mr.D can remember her,even MR.D
never talk about married or make the relationship become serious...
She don't know what should  she do....

she got a message from Mr.M
Mr.M: hey 
Miss E:yess what upp
MR.M :so how are you?
Miss E: im good.and u?
Mr.M: alhamdulillah im good..so how with your boyfriend?
miss E:hurm like a normal.i dont know what should i do
Mr.M:try to fix your relationship,and how about that guy who really want you.
miss E:hurm idk what should i do.i love him ...but in the same times i love my boyfriend
Mr.M: what..you love him..your heart is easy to get others love!
miss E:do you know what i feel?do you know my heart is empty..its just a jar without
anything inside..can u imagine what i feel,should i put tears in this jar and make it full.
MR.M:but how about your boyfriend?
miss E: hurrmmm its hard..i feel give up with myself  actually..but i try to stand and wait,
until i cant wake up  and i will decide that i want to break off.i want to be free and
i dont want to let  it hurt by others guy anymore..
its too painfull..
MR.M.its ok..choose the right person and be careful ok...
miss E.thanks dude..

for miss E..its not too good talk with others guy boyfriend...because she dont want
his girlfriend see this message feel sad,even right now Mr .M is her friend.but it doesnt
mean she can message that guy for anytime..she dont know why Mr.M too care,,he should care of his
girlfriend n not miss E..


Out Of Bounds:D
9:40 AM