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♥Saturday, January 23, 2016

Story 3

That night Miss E feel that her mind is disturb by her feeling..Guilty with what that already happen,she feel her heart start want to fall in love with MR.A..but she try to cancel about it..she still wait for MR.D....and that night,she text MR. A about it..she try to said that she want that guy trick her like a friend not like this...The true about Mr.A..he really love Miss E..and he know that he can take care Miss E better than Mr.D...if MR.D love Miss E..ofcause he will never hurt her feeling like ethis..but no...but Miss E already decided..He cant do anything ,,that because of mad.he stop message with miss E...Miss E feel upset with her self..she really  dont know what to do,she hurt herself alot...but Mr.D not understand.He just thinking that he always right..He always say that he love Miss E..but doesnt mean it...Miss E feel half of herself is flying,she hate to stuck at this area...she being alone until one day,she got a message from her friend.Capital H.....he ask for go out together that because Miss E always alone and she feel bored with her weekend,so she meet Capital H...Capital H he is a good guy,and a romantic person,,Miss E feel comfortable with him even he just a friend...

Out Of Bounds:D
9:38 AM