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‚ô•Friday, January 29, 2016

actually i broke my headphone..i feel bad with it,and my school bag is damage right now,,yeah its too bad,,i just hurt my finger too sew it..but never mind..i bought new earphone..but different with headphone..because i prefer headphone than earphone..yeah i dont like to walk alone actually..but when i walk alone..i love to listening to music,so im not feel awkward with it...even sometimes when a guy keep look at me,i feel im not walk properly ,,,hurmm yeah its my weekness..and my life on today,its pretty good,,and about my classmate..yeah i never talk with them yet...i just feel that there are too good in english and im not..im just too scare...and about my relay..im really give up..keep  fighting like this..i wish everything will become good..but not at all right now...im really sorry i cant be good for u...and u keep silent when i ask for break..what wrong with u..?? i dont understand..do u know i really love u..i really love u..but u just make me feel sad..try to think back..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:29 AM