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♥Friday, January 29, 2016

actually i broke my headphone..i feel bad with it,and my school bag is damage right now,,yeah its too bad,,i just hurt my finger too sew it..but never mind..i bought new earphone..but different with headphone..because i prefer headphone than earphone..yeah i dont like to walk alone actually..but when i walk alone..i love to listening to music,so im not feel awkward with it...even sometimes when a guy keep look at me,i feel im not walk properly ,,,hurmm yeah its my weekness..and my life on today,its pretty good,,and about my classmate..yeah i never talk with them yet...i just feel that there are too good in english and im not..im just too scare...and about my relay..im really give up..keep  fighting like this..i wish everything will become good..but not at all right now...im really sorry i cant be good for u...and u keep silent when i ask for break..what wrong with u..?? i dont understand..do u know i really love u..i really love u..but u just make me feel sad..try to think back..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:29 AM

♥Wednesday, January 27, 2016

today is the first day of my class.and i start back New foundation with different course.yeah i got a little bit trouble ..so i need to change my course..hurmm..actually i feel regret with myself and ..feel want to kill myself.but no..i dont..i need to study back from the beginning.and i done every register for this semester..and today i went to Pasar Seni..i need to do card for my Transport...RApidkl....yeah....i wish i can do better for this time...yeah i should......its about my life...

Out Of Bounds:D
7:13 AM

♥Sunday, January 24, 2016

im sorry if i give up..if i give up to love you,,,,
because its too long i feel that i hurt my self..
i need to cover it my own self..
you never understand what i want..you never know what i feel.
and you never try to hear what that i tried to say..
im sorry..

i stop call u our sweet name..
because i still remember when u just call my name...
and i'll do the same thing like what you do...

i always wish you and me together...but now im really give up..
i give up with myself...because i dont want to hurt my self anymore.
what that i should do..if i try to talk try to make u understand..cry for you and
at last i just get hurt inside my heart...
u just blame it on me..u just keep make me wait..and wait.....
and enough .i dont want to wait anymore..
its okay if this is the last tears for u..because i know ..even this is hurt
but this the good way for me...
i keep pray to Allah that one day u will be my future husband..
but u never say anything.u never say anything and u never plan anything 
about the future..even i know its late....

Out Of Bounds:D
8:54 AM

♥Saturday, January 23, 2016

Story 3

That night Miss E feel that her mind is disturb by her feeling..Guilty with what that already happen,she feel her heart start want to fall in love with MR.A..but she try to cancel about it..she still wait for MR.D....and that night,she text MR. A about it..she try to said that she want that guy trick her like a friend not like this...The true about Mr.A..he really love Miss E..and he know that he can take care Miss E better than Mr.D...if MR.D love Miss E..ofcause he will never hurt her feeling like ethis..but no...but Miss E already decided..He cant do anything ,,that because of mad.he stop message with miss E...Miss E feel upset with her self..she really  dont know what to do,she hurt herself alot...but Mr.D not understand.He just thinking that he always right..He always say that he love Miss E..but doesnt mean it...Miss E feel half of herself is flying,she hate to stuck at this area...she being alone until one day,she got a message from her friend.Capital H.....he ask for go out together that because Miss E always alone and she feel bored with her weekend,so she meet Capital H...Capital H he is a good guy,and a romantic person,,Miss E feel comfortable with him even he just a friend...

Out Of Bounds:D
9:38 AM

the feeling when i listening to the music and i cant feel anyone beside me.

and you keep hurting me day by the day,...but u never notice that,,
and others guy come when u keep forget me..

because i always keep everything inside...

thanks for come to make me happy

Out Of Bounds:D
9:21 AM

♥Saturday, January 16, 2016

Out Of Bounds:D
10:53 PM

Out Of Bounds:D
10:47 PM

story 2

DAY to day,miss E feel bored with her life,like empty,,jealous when she saw a good couple walk infront of them.She feel like herself is a bird that can't fly....should wait and walk alone...and since MR.A come to her life she feel like her life is appreciate by others and the time miss E saw Mr.A hold her hand and proudly say she is mine..SHe is mine!!miss E feel guilty with her self...why should him..is that him will become her boyfriend..and they be together..miss E hug MR.A tightly..Can i ask u one question.while she lay at MR.A chest.

Why you still choose me?even you already know i have a boyfriend?
Because i know one day u will choose one between me and him,maybe 
you will not choose me,but i really love this moment the time me and u,,
together like this and i want u remember it,this small room.
I LoVe u.. i want to do everything that make u happy....
even u not choose me...
Hasil carian imej untuk couple sweet

miss E..thanks i love u too,...while crying and hug MR A..

life is too difficult for her to choose..She really love  Mr.D but she keep waiting for 
him message,even she with Mr.A she still thinking of MR.D
SHe really love MR.D and hope Mr.D can remember her,even MR.D
never talk about married or make the relationship become serious...
She don't know what should  she do....

she got a message from Mr.M
Mr.M: hey 
Miss E:yess what upp
MR.M :so how are you?
Miss E: im good.and u?
Mr.M: alhamdulillah im good..so how with your boyfriend?
miss E:hurm like a normal.i dont know what should i do
Mr.M:try to fix your relationship,and how about that guy who really want you.
miss E:hurm idk what should i do.i love him ...but in the same times i love my boyfriend
Mr.M: what..you love him..your heart is easy to get others love!
miss E:do you know what i feel?do you know my heart is empty..its just a jar without
anything inside..can u imagine what i feel,should i put tears in this jar and make it full.
MR.M:but how about your boyfriend?
miss E: hurrmmm its hard..i feel give up with myself  actually..but i try to stand and wait,
until i cant wake up  and i will decide that i want to break off.i want to be free and
i dont want to let  it hurt by others guy anymore..
its too painfull..
MR.M.its ok..choose the right person and be careful ok...
miss E.thanks dude..

for miss E..its not too good talk with others guy boyfriend...because she dont want
his girlfriend see this message feel sad,even right now Mr .M is her friend.but it doesnt
mean she can message that guy for anytime..she dont know why Mr.M too care,,he should care of his
girlfriend n not miss E..


Out Of Bounds:D
9:40 AM

i miss the moment when we wear like this together....you and me..

i hope u can remember it......
and the time u wear for me make up..

i miss that moment....but now 
i just check my phone 3 times i know u will call me or maybe i should start the conversation first.

Out Of Bounds:D
9:10 AM

♥Thursday, January 14, 2016


The story about Miss E...
..Miss E she has a boyfriend.Her boyfriend name is.Mr D....
Their relationship is almost 9 month.,but sometimes Miss E feel she not happy with her relationship but she really love her boyfriend so much..She need his attention more,and she always wish that she can be like others people that have a relationship...She talk with her boyfriend not more than 20 minutes a day..Even sometimes she feel hurt with it....LAst time she saw her boyfriend phone and there have girl message him and its about love message,,,but because she really love her boyfriend,she try to calm,even thought she feel like her heart is bleeding because stabbed with sharp knife...but she try to recover it with the plaster,to not make it hurt anymore...She always cry because her boyfriend keep make her like not alive..Because the word of LOVE,,she just ignore all that,,until one day she found social application in her phone..She started to use it,because she feel bored,and she met this one guy he from (secret).His name is MR.M...he is tall than Mr.E and handsome.He really good and romantic..But miss E already tell Mr.M that she has a boyfriend just her relationship is complicated...and MR.M understand her situation,he try to get miss E heart,unfortunately Mr.M fail..miss E still waiting for her boyfriend,while she keep sad and feel alone.She just tell Mr.M u deserve to find a right girl not me..miss E really like Mr.M but its not same like she love Mr.D...day by day..Mr.M already get a new girlfriend and miss E know about it,she feel happy but on the same times she feel sad,she just not show her sadness because she too strong,,,she feel like one day she will get the happiness that she wish...miss E still keep waiting her boyfriend,,,,sometimes they are fighting and keep fighting,,but she just come to the class with the happiness face while inside deep bleeding,and to hurt....miss E still use the social application just to get a friend for talk...and she decided to meet this one guy and he is Mr.A...he from (secret)....Mr.A really fall in love with miss e,for him miss E so cute,even he can read from her eyes,when he saw miss E is look at something and thinking,,He really feel he need miss E..and he dont want to let miss E go...he feel his times with that girl just a little bit..he feel like he need more time with miss E..and miss E also feel the same thing..she really feel comfortable with that guy,she feel her life is appreciate with that guy..miss E stuck in the middle when she still love Mr.D..and  Mr .D ............
last time she back from meet Mr.A and she feel so happy,she just wish her boyfriend will become like that,but no,while waiting the train Mr.M is coming,He just back from meet her girlfriend and they just talk a little bit in the train,,because miss E dont know how to start the conversation,she too thinking about MR.D and Mr.A.......and who should she choose..and she feel jealous when Mr.M said actually im busy today,but my girlfriend miss me,so i need to meet her for awhile even im busy....
yeah that word to mean.....she feel like  Mr.M girlfriend too lucky .......yeah she wish the same too if her boyfriend can give she times,,can divide his time,she will never use social application,,but its too late......she just want to find her happiness and space for herself.......continue

Out Of Bounds:D
12:24 AM

♥Tuesday, January 12, 2016

i really miss to play skateboard..seriously i really miss it
i want new skateboard..
but not for now....
because i need to earn money for it first..
but i will buy it again one day.

Out Of Bounds:D
10:18 PM

♥Friday, January 8, 2016

a romantic man who really love their girlfriend will make a surprise to 
their lover and bring a flower to look gentle...
i wish for this..
but romantic man 2/10
and a person who is really love u dont want to let
their lover with others and make a serious relationship..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:55 AM

♥Monday, January 4, 2016

dear dairy i feel like i will get fever today,maybe because the weather make my body become sick..seriously i feel not well..when u become 20 and not stay with your parents so u will feel that is too hard to live alone ..but u need to be strong and keep know that u should do all that your ownself..
and another one thing ..actually i feel stress and i feel i will going to be crazy...but i believe with ALLAH he always beside me and he know what is the Best for me..thank you Allah..

Out Of Bounds:D
6:51 AM

♥Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dear my Prophet Muhamad..I miss to see you,,even i know im not a good person,and i keep make sin,and i don't know am i deserve to be stay in the heaven or not and stay with the noble people that with u.Dear Prophet Muhamad  i know one day i will go from this world,and i will stay in the grave,but i scare to be in the grave i scare to live in the dark because i do a lot of sin...I dont know that Allah will forgive all my sin or not,because i keep make a sin,even i try to reptile but i just a human that keep make a sin...I just can pray to ALLAH that He will forgive all my sin,and put the two lovely person in my world at the Heaven of Firdaus .MY mom and Dad...I wish i can see u one day,,i miss you Muhamad,and i Love ALLAH..i promise to myself,i will learn how to make me close with islam and close with ALLAH because i believe He is my god ....

Out Of Bounds:D
11:59 AM

♥Saturday, January 2, 2016

its my fault??

hurmm dear mama, i feel sorry if i blame it at you because i don t want to do the same mistake like what you do before,,,i feel sorry if hurt your feeling but u should understand my feeling too when the moment u fighting with daddy,,and the moment that someone come to your life back,,i feel lose 2 person that i love i feel someone take u guys from me..your attention your happiness,,i don t want to be regret at future because i choose the wrong person in my life...i dont want to let my child feel like what i feel . crying ,hurt inside,,u not feel like what i feel and u just think im a person who is keep strong everyday,no mama ,,im not i also a normal human...i feel sad and try to share it with u but u just ignore me...do u know what i feel....when i try to share it with u,..u can understand others but not me...why?im your daughter,,,so i really hope u can understand me more than others people understand me..the moment when i show u my drawing my design..do u remember what that u say..just ok...it mean im not good enough with it..im sorry if im not be like what u want to be..but i want to choose a good life for myself that not make me feel  regret  later.....i have alot of problem ..but i just cover it with my smile and no one know that....its hard to smile its really hard,,but i learn something when i feel sad it doesnt mean i should cry but i should keep smile for make it strong...

Out Of Bounds:D
9:11 AM