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♥Saturday, December 26, 2015

okay actually when im fighting with myboyfie..it doesnt meant i really hate him
but sometimes i need my time..i need a time,but when i go  out alone and i go to our date place
i will feel want to cry even yesterday suddenly my tears fall from my eyes,,
im not joking,i really love him.i know im not a good person,i know im look like
a player.ilove to see others international guys the handsome one.but it doesnt mean i want them
i just love too look,,but if i go out with others guy i will keep thinking about him ..ZaID
he is mine even i found alot of others guys that handsome and more rich..
but i dont want..i just choose Zaid because he is mine,i want to protect our relationship
i want him..when i get a problem i love to talk with someone else.
but on my mind still thinking of him..he ok or not..he miss me or not?
why he not call me?why he not say sorry??which one he will choose?
i m sorry honey if i did something wrong with you..but sometimes i need your time for me,
i need your attention one me,i miss the moment when u keep skype with me for 
make sure im home..i love that moment when u cook for me and feed me
you know u are the first guy that can cook for me..i love everything that u cook for me
and when i let u know i love to eat shrimp and beef.u make for me spaghetti with shrimp..
i really love it.u try your best do everything for me,but sometimes i feel like from day to day i lost a little bit of you,,half of your life...because u keep bz...and have no time for me..
i miss u..i miss u so much..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:00 AM