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‚ô•Friday, December 25, 2015

LIfe is hard..but its about yourself u can create it like white wall and u can decore
put anything u like in it..
tears is doesn't mean u fall..but sometime 
u need it for make u to be strong..never give up and keep strong aerun..
u can do it..

even i know i will look ugly with  this glasses..but its okay..
i love it

i try to spell my name.its A

arghhhhh im stress im stresss.....!!!

myi forgot my smile is here

hey sit with me please
 no one ??
hurmm okay ..
panda aloneee

wuuuuuuu japanese boy??handsome !!!
let me make act like im fall from this stair maybe one prince 
will come and help me..
its sound crazy right..

please invite me play with this ice scate..because i really love it..

 lets go with me

dont forget follow my instagram..
aerunheyrun !! okay..chaww

Out Of Bounds:D
12:10 PM