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♥Saturday, December 5, 2015

4 december.....finally we already 1 year together..even u always make me angry..
but i really love u ..u are my lovely monkey..sometimes u mad on me when im not study and i make 
annoying face..hahahhaa actually i love when u care of  me..and u when u kiss my forehead..
i really love everything about u..your smell..omg..u really make me love u..
u always there when i need u..i hope u will be mine forever..
:) :)

first time i coming here..omg...its really a nice place..
its a really nice place.and i love it.first time he bring me here:)

okay i just choose beef and he choose chicken..
yum yumm..i really hungry today that why i can finish all this.
but if u cant finish it just order one and share..

my lovely is hungry..:) :*

this place is near with pavillion..so u guys can take monorel from klsentral to bukit bintang and 
need to walk a little bit.

see its really nice

owhh yeahh i forgot to upload thursday story with my roommates..
we go out together..

okay while waiting for my roommates .i went to auntie anne..
okay who never try it..u guys need to try it..i really love it..
the smell is really nice..but yesterday i choose pretzel caramel almond..
and its caramel dip.normally if i add dip i need to add another rm1.60
but yesterday with dip rm 5..
yeah im really satisfied with it..

okay this one is optional..either u want it or not..i never add drinks with my 
pretzel but because yesterday i feel thirsty.so i add lemonade drink
..yeahh.i choose the big size ...
after that i went to boat noodles..
im really hungry yesterday.so i order rice..normally i will order only noodlesrice..
rm 2.00 for one small ball..
so my roommates she just eat noodles..she order for three..and i order one rice noodle and
rice with chicken and one green tea.:) :)..
yeah only that..


yeah green tea..normally i went to boat noodle in time square.but this one 
just opened this december at sunway putra..so i try that one.but not really nice like in time square
so here is my green tea..yeahh.. now im at kaison..

Out Of Bounds:D
6:56 AM