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♥Thursday, December 31, 2015

hey its new year already..

keep smile aerun u gonna be 20 later..

 i will keep study for pass my foundation and continue my degree..
hurmmm i hope everything will ok and what i wish will happen...
hurmm..actually before new year i really wish to celebrate new year with my boyfie
....... :'(
okay but he dont want to celebrate it...and 1 of my friend
massage me about go hangout with them for celebrate new year...
i cant go because i cant and i just keep waiting for him..
and most of my friends go out with their partner for celebration
hurmm and im not do that.
im really feel sad because i stay at home only,,last year also same
can we do something romantic like others people also do
seriously 1st of this year meaningful for me but i start will sad with this..i call
you and u not answerme,i know u still with your friends that why u ignore me.
i feel down .hurmm let me rest my mind..

i want like this..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:59 AM

♥Wednesday, December 30, 2015

so welcome guys to Malaysia but on 1st JAn they will back to 

Kazakhstan...so im really happy spent a lot of time with  them at hekre
#sungkai peraK...
so we went to HOT Spring im soo tired sorry...
so good night

HAHaaa i am dancing when we arrived to kl.

Out Of Bounds:D
8:06 AM

♥Tuesday, December 29, 2015

this is my emoji  
i call it miss joy..
i love to smile and i love to make people smile,
even sometimes its make me hurt..
even i know its sound strange and look like im 
stupid person,but sometimes
i hide my sadness
because i dont like to show it infront of people
unless i cant control myself..

i also have feeling ok..
but i love to be one who is lightning from the dark,
because dark will over...

and my lecture keep asking me.
u are the happiness girl..
yeah that is me..
let me share 1 secret ok..only one..shhhhhh
dont tell anybody okay..
i will bring a music player or open a song in washroom
and dance in the washroom..
seriously its helpful
okay why??
because with the move it will
release your feeling
and u can know how to learn control your emotion..
hahhaaa am i right??
no idont know its right or not..but for me i really to do that..
and  i will feel better with it..

Out Of Bounds:D
11:16 AM

♥Sunday, December 27, 2015

thanks sayang...i feel happy when today u hug me and keep kiss my forehead..i miss the moment when u kiss my forehead..and today u give your time to me..:)..thanks honey..and u prepare my stuff for me today..hhahahaha u so care sayang..i want u..i love u somuch. i know sometimes we fighting but u really care of me..tq monkey..:)i love u sayang

actually i went to pwtc and saw hello kitty lunch box..
i really want it but it too expensive...so i make my own lunch box

Out Of Bounds:D
7:39 AM

♥Saturday, December 26, 2015

okay actually when im fighting with myboyfie..it doesnt meant i really hate him
but sometimes i need my time..i need a time,but when i go  out alone and i go to our date place
i will feel want to cry even yesterday suddenly my tears fall from my eyes,,
im not joking,i really love him.i know im not a good person,i know im look like
a player.ilove to see others international guys the handsome one.but it doesnt mean i want them
i just love too look,,but if i go out with others guy i will keep thinking about him ..ZaID
he is mine even i found alot of others guys that handsome and more rich..
but i dont want..i just choose Zaid because he is mine,i want to protect our relationship
i want him..when i get a problem i love to talk with someone else.
but on my mind still thinking of him..he ok or not..he miss me or not?
why he not call me?why he not say sorry??which one he will choose?
i m sorry honey if i did something wrong with you..but sometimes i need your time for me,
i need your attention one me,i miss the moment when u keep skype with me for 
make sure im home..i love that moment when u cook for me and feed me
you know u are the first guy that can cook for me..i love everything that u cook for me
and when i let u know i love to eat shrimp and beef.u make for me spaghetti with shrimp..
i really love it.u try your best do everything for me,but sometimes i feel like from day to day i lost a little bit of you,,half of your life...because u keep bz...and have no time for me..
i miss u..i miss u so much..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:00 AM

♥Friday, December 25, 2015

LIfe is hard..but its about yourself u can create it like white wall and u can decore
put anything u like in it..
tears is doesn't mean u fall..but sometime 
u need it for make u to be strong..never give up and keep strong aerun..
u can do it..

even i know i will look ugly with  this glasses..but its okay..
i love it

i try to spell my name.its A

arghhhhh im stress im stresss.....!!!

myi forgot my smile is here

hey sit with me please
 no one ??
hurmm okay ..
panda aloneee

wuuuuuuu japanese boy??handsome !!!
let me make act like im fall from this stair maybe one prince 
will come and help me..
its sound crazy right..

please invite me play with this ice scate..because i really love it..

 lets go with me

dont forget follow my instagram..
aerunheyrun !! okay..chaww

Out Of Bounds:D
12:10 PM

i cant think anything ,,i just want to say i love zaid..even i know we always fighting but ,i always want him..i just want him...i want him and him...i need him i want him..:) :)

Out Of Bounds:D
2:38 AM

♥Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sometimes people can smile...but we don't know what happens inside...
I try to be strong. I try to fighting with the tears for make me keep strong. ..
Im tired with break up..im tired with people that ignore me...I want to love myself..I don't want to hurt my self..I want to be care of myself. ...but nobody notice that...I love him from my heart and I really scare to lost him..he is mine and I don't want others....but I need his time to talk to understand me not someone that always blame everything on me.....I know im not a good girl..im not ...im not a player of love but I want give my heart potion for not stuck with thorn ......   

Out Of Bounds:D
9:54 PM

♥Friday, December 18, 2015

The Manhattan fish

Yesterday night i met my uncle and my cousin here...yeahh..
today we will go to Sunway LAGOON

Out Of Bounds:D
3:30 PM

this is my pet clothes..hHhhaaa.i buy for them..

i am really fat..i know that

okay...ho lalaaa....i went to klcc last thursday because i need to find
a new shoes.actually im not planning to bought nike shoes, because actually 
iwant converse..But suddenly i found nike shoes with bright blue color..
i really fall in love with it...okay i take it fullstop..

Out Of Bounds:D
3:26 PM