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♥Saturday, November 28, 2015

actually its been almost 2 week im not update new story....yeah that because i got dengue fever..damn.before this im not really care about my healthiness..i back to johor last 13 nov.and its normal for me..because actually i planing to stay in johor for 1 weeks only but on last sunday i go out with my aunt on mahgrib its almost 6 7 pm something.so when i go out on that time i dont knowand not feel that i got mosquito bite..seriously im not feel it..so on monday i feel different with my body. that because in evening i have planing with my friends.so ofcause i will not cancel my planing..
so here is my  photo before i got dengue fever 

on this time i feel headache and not okay with my body.but
i try to be strong on that day because its my time with them..
so on the next day i told my mom that im voaming .so i just go check
to the clinic and the doctor told me im just suspect dengue.
on that time i feel ..omg really
the next day coming .and i keep voaming non stop.until friday
i m really weak  and doctor keep take my blood for the straight 3 days,until sunday
i cant be strong anymore..i voaming for 8 times before afternoon .i cant eat anything for this 1 week
and i cant drink water..so u  cant imagine how i feel without water and food
on 1  week..my born is hurting me..and i cant sleep very well.cant wake up..
keep voaming poison ..so from clinic i need send to emergency wad..my blood really low
if my dad not fast on that time i will in trouble..seriously..
i need to stay at hospital in johor for 4 days 3 night..
arghh..im really suffer with this hospital. and my hand with needle..owh..its really hurting me
i cant think anything only hug my baby only..because
i just hope that zaid with me..i cant stop cry on the first night because im alone..
on that time..im really not okay on that time..keep thinking of zaid..
he far from me..
hurmm..but at the end i go out after 4 days..yeahh..i feel fresh now..
but zaid is busy until i delete his number because i dont want disturb him..
:( :(

Out Of Bounds:D
5:39 PM