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♥Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dear bestfriend..do u know how much i love u,,how much i care about u..how much
i need u..but after u leave me u forget me.u forget our relationship..
just because u get a new boyfriend that i dont know can bring u where?
when u cry u call me..when u need something u call me..even when u dont have money.
and i also dont have money i give half of mine to yours,,
and when u need a shelter..when u need my favor...i always there for u..even i skip my class
and take a risk for u..i bring food for u when u need it..i never care about money
because i know money cant buy friendship..do u remember on the time
that u really love chocolate cake..i collect my money for buy all chocolate cake for u.
because i know u cant afford it...do u remember everyday i bring food for u and me at school and when recess time we eat together with our group..i miss that time i miss that moment...
when u fight with your sister and u dont have anyphone.i give u my phone
mylovely phone but what that u did....hurmm..i dont know are u fucking crazy or stupid
that because of that guy u totally change..okay u really believe with your 
true love until u put me and your mom at the back...just eat your love and chewy eat and throw
it like a gum...do u know how much mad i am at here...i text u and u just ignore me
dont speak about stress..how about my stress.
everyone also have a trouble..but we have friend.together when need them and we want happy
together but how about u..u just throw us..
u know we are one group but because of your selfish..i feel regret with u..i really feel regret to have 
a friend like u..the one that too selfish...
and remember i will not be there for u anymore..just go with your new husband..
and not me anymore..i just pray he can take care of u..
but if one day he change dont try to find me...again.because on that time i will not there 
anymore for u....!!

Out Of Bounds:D
1:06 PM