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♥Sunday, July 12, 2015

today story..~~
hurmm..okay firstly i really feel tired,,since yesterday,, so  i just sleep even my parents told me to wake up..i still stay at my father room and sleep....and my father ask me go to sleep at my room..i still dont want,,maybe because i feel not comfortable with that mattress..yeah maybe..hurmm even its big,,but i still dont want..but i still need to sleep there..hurmm.owh yeah one more thing..tonight i just help my mom clean this house..okay normally when i was in secondary school ..i will clean everything every friday..yeah every friday..not always,,but normally i will do that..okay..hurmm i feel miss with zaid.. ireally miss him ..i just can pray to ALLAH that one day he will be myfuture husband..a good husband and father to my child...hahhaha  i just remember the moment when i with him in the bus,and he check myhandbag..and he told me,when he work after finish study,even that handbag price is rm1000,he will buy it for me..i just laughing....thanks sayang..

Out Of Bounds:D
4:02 PM