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♥Wednesday, July 8, 2015

okay today im really tired,,im not eat for breakfast,,because i wake up late..and hurmm..about today i really angry with one of my friend...i dont know what the hell with him..first he took my photo when i was eating and he send it to others in my group..yeah i know its just for my group..but its embrassing to me..and he give me blackmail,if i talk anything he will send my photo to others..what the fuck with him..so i take his phone and delete all my photo after that i take his photo..and he angry with me..but all my friends back up him.and i have no idea with it..even my friends blame it on me...they dont know what i feel upset with them..im really sensetive when i told them he slap me..but they blame it on me..it happen again before..when my friend take my phone..and my friend she just let that guy go...and give back his phone..while she dont know that guy take my phone and read my massage...so who was wrong am i..still ...am i wrong??so blame it on me..everything blame it on me...im not start it first...in friendship we just kidding jokin and others..and i dont know why this guy really sensetive with me..even others friend just joking with him..but he not take it serious..since he give me this blackmail..he make me really hate him...

Out Of Bounds:D
1:18 AM