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♥Saturday, July 11, 2015

alhamdulillah,,finally im arrive to jb..my hometown..my lovely hometown...and actually yesterday is the day that i really2 excited...because that is the first time im flight back to johor...i dont care what people say,,,but its was the first time...i really feel nervous..aand luckily im bring myboyfie with me..yeah normally he use the klia not klia2,,its a  little bit different...because he travel back to iraq,,,and he told me sabar baby..i cant be sabar,,that because of him..he late..okay the fact about arabian guy..u should know if u deal on 5..they will come on 6..its normal.so i really angry with him ,,yesterday,,and i just bring one handbag..and what the fish yesterday i wear the high hills...omg..i  need to have one of vans shoes lah..okay nerver mind forget about the shoes..continue about my boyfie,,okay we take bus from klsentral..actually my plan is take express train..better,,but im just pity with myboyfie,,i dont want use his money again,,because..the train price is rm35 for person...so how about him..he always spent a lot of his money for me..so i decide just take a bus better..so when he back.he just need to take train for stop at tbs..because he will back Alone..if he take train from klia2 to tbs..the price just around 26,..okay another one more thing suddenly at klia2 .i dont know where should i go ..okay i walk slowly because of this hills...because of my boyfie..is tall so i still look short when i wear hills.:):)..that why i like it,,so he hold my hand so i can walk ,fast with his help..and when i go to check in..they said that im late from the time,,i should be there for 2 hours early..okay i tell u guys the cos for back to jaybee,if u want to take the plane its around rm300..okay why..because first the price for the train..just because i order early so..i got the price rm 72..something ..and the price of the train if u take it..and when i u arrive to jaybe..if your parents pick u there.its good.but if not..like me..i need to pay for my friends rm100..for pick me..but im really happy for this.i dontcare about the money..right now..because i care about myself..its something special thing when u can flight for alone..and its first time in your life..okay before  i arrive at check department..suddenly i saw one of my class mate...omg..on that time i hold my boyfie hands..and i dont care..yeah im lucky she was there,,,so someone can help me..to show me where i need to go..and i feel on that time i cant let myboyfie go..i really love him..i just want him to follow me..but he cant,,and i just said to him..kiss my head..and he kiss my head..and he said i need to leave u here,okay..when i enter in there.i just can move my hand..like to say good bye.hurmm..:(:(two week without him..

okay this is him...olaffyou sayang..thanks for today..i know
u tired but u still have time for me..
i cant say anything

alhamdulillah ..i really wish that i have a shoes for raya..
and finally on that day i have money for bought this shoes.,
why i bought this shoes..okay actully because of the color a little bit
same with myhandbag that my boyfie buy for me
 .the brand also same,that why i choose it..and the 
price also affordable

hahhaaa..okay this is me,,yesterday.i meant on friday..
last class before midtermm..mood ..idk.

this is the time when i arrive at johor..syukuran everything
working good...

Out Of Bounds:D
3:52 PM