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♥Wednesday, July 1, 2015

i dont know what wrong with my body..easy to get weak..and i really easy to sleep...today i try to buy the isotonik drink maybe it can help me..owh yeah since yesterday i just sleep.hurm and then today,in the morning before i go to school ..i still have time to skype with zaid..and actually i have change new simkad u mobile..because i dont want my ex or others people disturb me.i dont want that happen on me..i really want zaid.i really need him..and even today when i call him i told him that i miss hi so much..and he also miss me..i like to call him my hushiemoshiecutieboyfiemonkeydonkeyolafyou....hehehehehe..i like this word..my winniethepooh....olafyou...so cute..hahaha..when i told him today i need go to kfc with myfriend,and he ask me..did i have money or not..normally he will do that..i like it.its okay sayang..i stillhave my own money...i dont know why my friend think that couple its about money.i meant why they t hink i just couple for money.actualluy im not..i never care he take my money.because its about us..about our relay..its depends on you ,if u want to give it,,just give,,but if not..dont give it..but for me its .okay..because..u  are yourself..i never being selfish because its not good..relationship,its not about just sex money,its about love,,about care about understanding,so u feel the love from your heart..okay..and today in my class there have debate,so i really feel impressed with one of my friend actually because for me she is perfect..she smart and she are really good..because she has everything.and not like me..firstly when i know her,,im notice that i doesn't like her.yeah because she like to proud with herself,maybe because she smart and im the stupid one,who is no one care,,and im not good in study just because i choose art and design..but ..i need to study,,because life is just about your world that you create is more about it ..that i need to put.on it

Out Of Bounds:D
12:55 AM