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‚ô•Friday, July 24, 2015

the holiday~

hurm actually i really feel sad,,yeah i need to leave johor,,its different between leave here in kl and johor..but i really love to stay in kl..because my boyfie at here..but in johor i have alots of friend that care about me..love me..:')not same like here..i have friends in kl but is different with them..see on raya..i just meet  myfriends.but not all because,i have not enough time for it...im reAlly sorry to my friend that im not meet..i really miss u guys..but time not belong to us.hurmm.and yesterday is the best day for me,,because i meet my bestie..even its last minute..and we ride motorcycle went to jaybe...i ride until te meter change to 130....warghh ..i miss this moment ride motorcycle..seriously..
and last night my friend amani and yana are coming to my house


and after them visit my house
we went to jaybee

we bring this guy.

yana rap...hahahahah

and suddenly others coming :P:)

and then we back ..
continue with this morning picture..i just meet two of my friends..because my ticket
is 10.30.so from my house i need to 
move around 9.00

hug u tightly

besafe babe

okay and then go to hotel and meet my friend here mai

meetmy another friend.eyjah..hahaha
she quickly wake up when  i call her im sorry i can visit your house
for raya i need to go..so i just meet her for a while.

okay this is the last wednesday picture

thanks to maisarah and mai..they coming to my house.:)

my bikers group..but in this group another 3 of my friend cant come on this day
:( i miss u guys...seriously ..i really love them..we are sibling forever 

last monday

meet them ..shisha together..thanks dude..
when i back here..i feel back my life.
:)ride together.

setting my friends bike first

i m the only girl here

okay this time on sunday
i spent time with my brothers..
we want to find new shoes for me

me and my brother have a little bit different between nose and eyes.
because my brothers nose is sharp and he has small eyes and not same like me

see i already change it

all of this keychain i got it from my friends my cousin my brothers my mom my dad my hunnybunny
and i love it

Out Of Bounds:D
12:31 PM