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♥Tuesday, June 16, 2015


okay today story..is about ..hurmm okay..firstly..in the morning my boyfie ask me..
do u hungry baby,or should i cook something for u...i really love him..
he really nice,why he so sweet in the early morning like this..
okay..we cant skip webcam.,acually we will skip when he really tired..
i know him..he not busy with others girl..but bz with study n work..
so i can understand him..even something i feel boring..
hurm but its okay on me..
i cant stop love him for now..i just want he to be my husband for one day..
insyaallah..Thanks to Allah because let me know him..and feel what is love.
hurmm and what else ..okay so just now i mjuet do a revision..n suddenly i got a massage
from mybest friend azrul..
he told me he miss me..i also miss him..seriously..im not lying..i really love him
i really miss him..feel sad for while..when he send me voice call
dude why u make me cry..
i miss u alot..i really miss our moment everything together,
yeah its not enough when we spent our time like a while,,seriously not enough..normally 
i will meet u in school class..and when recest time we together..woow..miss that moment.
hurm..yeah..n i write this story at the living room in kl..suddenly..my natebook switch 
of because no batery,n when i try to tidy my staff want to bring it to my room..
i feel not okay..and i when i close the lamp infront..i also
feel not okay..warghh..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:49 AM