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♥Thursday, June 11, 2015

#study smart
 okay ..now i try to arrange good my schedule..make my own note and try to understand and memories it..i  dont to fall down again..now i need to believe with ALLAH..i know only him can help me..i have nothing..i just want to be with  my boyfie and iwant him to be mine forever..because i love him..May Allah bless on me..i know im not good in english .but i try hard to be good with it..i dont know why i afraid to talk with my classmates while i cant speak loud before this,,i can speak in english .but why i feel afraid with myself suddenly ...i lost it..im not feel confident..maybe because them are good and better than me..am i right?okay now i will start to sleep around 2 o clock..so i can easy to wake up..hurmm what else..okay seem i put my picture my readers will be increase..u guys like i put more photo or i put my own story..okay..i just will put my photo when i feel im bored..and today i contact with my friend.my bestfriend..thanks airina u always surpport me..and today yeah i got an apple from my boyfie .he told me he worried when im not  eat and we get breakfast together..like what he always prepare for me boiles egg,fried egg bread,fresh milk with kiss..thank sayang..u are really good guy..seriously and u really handsome..and today i have not enough money and he give to me,,he told me when i have no money ask him..but its not nice if i always ask him..i know he will give me rm50.but today i just ask for 10.and its enough for me..hurmowh yeah today they have a black guy come to me and keep ask me want to meet me and everything he told me he fall in love with me and what??i told him i already have a boyfriend and i dont need him..and i told zaid about it,he said next time he will send me to  the bus and not alloud me alone..yeah thanks sayang..u are so sweet...like sugar..owh i remember this word..
rose are red,
violet are blue,
sugar is sweet,
and so are you..

yeah i like that comic is about love in school..
but this book there have a sex..
but just openminded with it..
but im not ask u to do sex..okay..i am totally openminded,i dt underont to be like
malay poems,frog under shell,
hheheheh..okay nyte u guys

Out Of Bounds:D
10:45 AM