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♥Sunday, June 21, 2015

i really love this guy..and we are almost 7 month..
i love him..all i need is him..the guy that i really love..he is my man
and i want to married him..
seriously i want him..
i cant stop love him..because he is mind..i dont others people disturb my relationship
im tired..im really tired when others people disturb my relationship
enough with what happen to my relationship before,like me and my ex
always ask for help and everything..dfuck.
so i dont want it happen anymore..
because he is the first guy that i meet ,can do everythin for me
cook for me,
wear make up for me,
be my doctor when i sick,
be mysuperhero when i get a problem
he is my banker.
he is the guy that always say no when i wan to shopping
and at the last he will say okay babyy..
he is the only guy that call me panda,baby and lion..
i like when u call me lion sayang...
when im hungry u will cook for me..thanks for all that sayang..
even when i get trouble u will come and give me advise,
and when i ask u about fashion ..u will notice on me..
hehhehe.i like it..tq sayang

Out Of Bounds:D
9:54 AM