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♥Thursday, June 25, 2015

i really feel tired ...andtoday im not go to u..i really feel weak i dont know why..owh yeah i want to share with u all something.its about this song i just heard it for today....hurmm actually its remind me on something that happen to me when i was 17 ..and i try to tackle this guy..and he really handsome,,he really cute..and he like to wear red gshock watch....and he really white..everyday i take a tissue and i write something on it..i put heart symbol..i tryto say i like u..and i fall in love with u..but .unfortunately ,,,i cant give that memo to him..because he always with his friends,and one day i give to him that tissue..and he read it,,but because of me that too close with many guy and he was thinking i want to give it to hisfriend..i was say ..what the fuckk..why he dont understand..maybe because of my fault.i have to many friend with guy.but they are all my best friend..but normally for us we call sayang n baby..its normal.but i dont know maybe there are not open minded thinking ...because my parents call me baby..so they call me baby...and its my memory .when i flash back..i feel.. like im so funny..why i do that..and now..hahahaha. i got a good bf.i hope he gonna be my future husband..because i really love him..i cant think  anything else just only him..because i need him.its remind me on someone .yesterday i meet this guy.he is my crush before i couple with zaid..and i really fall in love with him..he is my crush since first time i  study at here.he so handsome and his face make me melting when i look at him..and yesterday i meet him..he talk with me.and i told him he look handsome today...i try to control my feelling because i have zaid ..i just want zaid only..okay...because zaid is my cutieboyfiehushhiemoshieedonkeymonkey

Out Of Bounds:D
8:10 AM