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♥Thursday, June 4, 2015

hurmmm..okay today story..i was absent to class again..i dont know ..my mood to class for this week is very slow.with my face like this...dried..omg..i feel uncomfortable...hurmm and my phone was broke off..its problem with the screen..its fall.but i still not told my parents about it..and my plan to singapore was cancel..because.i need to use money for this..hurmm.another one more thing..maybe i will use tab..maybe ..because its better for me..but im not sure how.i will discuss with zaid first..i know u may thought why everything need to ask zaid ..whyshould discuss with him.why im not make my own decision..actually i feel okay with it..i feel like i have someone that can help me make my decision because he is matured more than me.and he know what should he do for me..and i really love him..i feel not okay when im far from him..and i feel like i really miss him.even he not too far from me..we will webcam everyday..will talk ..i love when he send massage.baby i miss u..make me.feel..owh im sorry ..sayang.i miss you too...when i free we will meet okay..i love him so much..i love when he buy for me milk..because..its look like he is caring..on me..:) alhamdulillah..u are mine zaid..n i really want this heart for a guy like u..even u busy .even u angry..even u fight with me..but ..u are mine..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:37 AM