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♥Monday, June 8, 2015

hey ..hye u uolss..okay so today story ..hurm what happen..hahahahha..hurmm ..today im really late.not too late.but just rushing.and suddenly in the lrt..lazada staff..and unirazak staff call me.im really look like somebody blur..owhh forgot today is monday.okay i need to meet someone at unirazak.and lazda staff they want to send hello kitty mini water for me.im waiting for long day.n now i got it..im really happy..so now i feel perfect to share with u all my room..some people say im not a tidy person..but i show u.the true...:P:P who said i like to make my room dirty fuck off u ..go to the hell..okay.and i just go to the class like usually i go..and hurmm today my class finish on 4.00..im really tired..hurmm i think nothing special happen .today..owhh god.i forgot to bring my umbrella its raining..i wish im doraemon can use the magic door but im not that doraemon..okay let me share with u guys my room..

this is my new 
 mini water

Out Of Bounds:D
8:32 AM