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♥Thursday, June 18, 2015

first day on fasting month
hurmm on this year.. quite different with others year..on first ramadhan i need come to class.normally i will have holiday..but at here its different and hurmm.,another one more thing.hurmm actually i have a problem with my roommates but not too bad..just idk what wrong with her..she just not talk too much when i back.even when i back from class she just look at me and silent.its make feel.hurm..actually i dont like this style i meant she just quiet when i talk with her,and then when my another roommates back she like wants to talk with me..i feel not comfortable with this situation..its not about fighting..but just because i feel weird with it..and hurmm about my boyfie..yup today im just feel angry with him..because he always bz..until i feel like i want to push him..because im really need attention from him..and he busy..but tomorrow he promise want to meet me.for after iftar,,actually ireally want to celebrate this first day of fasting day with him.i meant like iftar together.but he really bz..so i cant do anything..but there have 3 guys as me to be their girlfriend.and all of them are foreigner also..but i still choose zaid.because i love him so much..i really want him.only him..but if he has another girlfriend or leave me or others think..hurm..idk..because i m not put my heart in a jar and close it with the cover,but i give all of love to him.and if he cant take care of it..idk ..maybe i need to put back in a jar..seriously today..im mooddy..

Out Of Bounds:D
11:12 AM