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♥Monday, June 29, 2015

chocolate dutch lady....

after eat for sahur,i just go to my room and play with internet,and suddenly,i feel i need something like milo..okay i just look at under my bed and take my chocolate milk..because yesterday zaid he bought it for me..and..when i drink this chocolate milk..its remind me on him..because only he can make me happy...yesterday the moment when i choose something for me,he ask me to take everythin that i need..yeah i just take anything that important for me,because i was thinking to use my money,,but he not aloud me to do that,,he want pay for me..so when i told him to eat mcd..i use my money...because i dont want always use his money..when he told me,he want buy for me the handbag,yeah just because i change my plan suddenly,,actually i was thinking to by handbag from victoria secret,,but its quick expensive,,so i just ask him for elle hangbag or guess handbag..but he said just choose victoria secret,he will give me that money later,,because i cant hold money too much,,because when it with me,,i will easy to buy anything that i want..but im too happy because i get boyfriend like u. alhamdulilah..:):)

Out Of Bounds:D
2:17 PM

today i meet this guy,,he is my man..
my everything.my hushhie mushiee..my sayang..
i need u to be mine forever.and i love u..i love u..so much..
im sorry for today.. i moody when i meet u..because u late..and i very angry with u ,
im sorry sayang,,i dont meant to be angry..just want u to know that i really love u.
thanks for today,,u meet me and u try get back my mood..i love u sayang..i know u tired
but thanks alot for today..okay..:):)

Out Of Bounds:D
8:52 AM

♥Sunday, June 28, 2015


so we just eat at here..one slice of this cake is rm12.70
and ice chocolate is 13.50..

but seriously its yummy..because i like chocolate

Out Of Bounds:D
1:18 AM


Out Of Bounds:D
1:15 AM

♥Thursday, June 25, 2015

omg..i really miss to dance..like what i do when i was 14..arghh dance.and parkour..but now im fat.too fat...okay i need share with u guys.this video make me feel i want to dance back..maybe after fastingi will try back to dance..

Out Of Bounds:D
11:51 AM

i really feel tired ...andtoday im not go to u..i really feel weak i dont know why..owh yeah i want to share with u all something.its about this song i just heard it for today....hurmm actually its remind me on something that happen to me when i was 17 ..and i try to tackle this guy..and he really handsome,,he really cute..and he like to wear red gshock watch....and he really white..everyday i take a tissue and i write something on it..i put heart symbol..i tryto say i like u..and i fall in love with u..but .unfortunately ,,,i cant give that memo to him..because he always with his friends,and one day i give to him that tissue..and he read it,,but because of me that too close with many guy and he was thinking i want to give it to hisfriend..i was say ..what the fuckk..why he dont understand..maybe because of my fault.i have to many friend with guy.but they are all my best friend..but normally for us we call sayang n baby..its normal.but i dont know maybe there are not open minded thinking ...because my parents call me baby..so they call me baby...and its my memory .when i flash back..i feel.. like im so funny..why i do that..and now..hahahaha. i got a good bf.i hope he gonna be my future husband..because i really love him..i cant think  anything else just only him..because i need him.its remind me on someone .yesterday i meet this guy.he is my crush before i couple with zaid..and i really fall in love with him..he is my crush since first time i  study at here.he so handsome and his face make me melting when i look at him..and yesterday i meet him..he talk with me.and i told him he look handsome today...i try to control my feelling because i have zaid ..i just want zaid only..okay...because zaid is my cutieboyfiehushhiemoshieedonkeymonkey

Out Of Bounds:D
8:10 AM

♥Tuesday, June 23, 2015

yeah..i really love this red chili colour its look nice on me..
im zaid girlfriend

how fat im ..
okay yesterday story..on monday.we go iftar together at #klcc
and thanks sayang for #minions movie.i really like it..hehhehe
i love u..
u are my cutieboyfiehusshiemochieedonkeymonkey..
see now u have a cute name..
you are mine..and im yours..
when i go out with u,some people will say something that smell bad,
but how about them,that get a love bite,its not big or monters mosquito bite
u until can look same like a love bite..so u also same like me,
maybe u think u are aperson like heaven member,that never do any sin
but actually u not

Out Of Bounds:D
1:48 PM

♥Sunday, June 21, 2015

i really love this guy..and we are almost 7 month..
i love him..all i need is him..the guy that i really love..he is my man
and i want to married him..
seriously i want him..
i cant stop love him..because he is mind..i dont others people disturb my relationship
im tired..im really tired when others people disturb my relationship
enough with what happen to my relationship before,like me and my ex
always ask for help and everything..dfuck.
so i dont want it happen anymore..
because he is the first guy that i meet ,can do everythin for me
cook for me,
wear make up for me,
be my doctor when i sick,
be mysuperhero when i get a problem
he is my banker.
he is the guy that always say no when i wan to shopping
and at the last he will say okay babyy..
he is the only guy that call me panda,baby and lion..
i like when u call me lion sayang...
when im hungry u will cook for me..thanks for all that sayang..
even when i get trouble u will come and give me advise,
and when i ask u about fashion ..u will notice on me..
hehhehe.i like it..tq sayang

Out Of Bounds:D
9:54 AM

♥Thursday, June 18, 2015

first day on fasting month
hurmm on this year.. quite different with others year..on first ramadhan i need come to class.normally i will have holiday..but at here its different and hurmm.,another one more thing.hurmm actually i have a problem with my roommates but not too bad..just idk what wrong with her..she just not talk too much when i back.even when i back from class she just look at me and silent.its make feel.hurm..actually i dont like this style i meant she just quiet when i talk with her,and then when my another roommates back she like wants to talk with me..i feel not comfortable with this situation..its not about fighting..but just because i feel weird with it..and hurmm about my boyfie..yup today im just feel angry with him..because he always bz..until i feel like i want to push him..because im really need attention from him..and he busy..but tomorrow he promise want to meet me.for after iftar,,actually ireally want to celebrate this first day of fasting day with him.i meant like iftar together.but he really bz..so i cant do anything..but there have 3 guys as me to be their girlfriend.and all of them are foreigner also..but i still choose zaid.because i love him so much..i really want him.only him..but if he has another girlfriend or leave me or others think..hurm..idk..because i m not put my heart in a jar and close it with the cover,but i give all of love to him.and if he cant take care of it..idk ..maybe i need to put back in a jar..seriously today..im mooddy..

Out Of Bounds:D
11:12 AM

♥Tuesday, June 16, 2015


okay today story..is about ..hurmm okay..firstly..in the morning my boyfie ask me..
do u hungry baby,or should i cook something for u...i really love him..
he really nice,why he so sweet in the early morning like this..
okay..we cant skip webcam.,acually we will skip when he really tired..
i know him..he not busy with others girl..but bz with study n work..
so i can understand him..even something i feel boring..
hurm but its okay on me..
i cant stop love him for now..i just want he to be my husband for one day..
insyaallah..Thanks to Allah because let me know him..and feel what is love.
hurmm and what else ..okay so just now i mjuet do a revision..n suddenly i got a massage
from mybest friend azrul..
he told me he miss me..i also miss him..seriously..im not lying..i really love him
i really miss him..feel sad for while..when he send me voice call
dude why u make me cry..
i miss u alot..i really miss our moment everything together,
yeah its not enough when we spent our time like a while,,seriously not enough..normally 
i will meet u in school class..and when recest time we together..woow..miss that moment.
hurm..yeah..n i write this story at the living room in kl..suddenly..my natebook switch 
of because no batery,n when i try to tidy my staff want to bring it to my room..
i feel not okay..and i when i close the lamp infront..i also
feel not okay..warghh..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:49 AM

♥Sunday, June 14, 2015

with him

owh yeah about this ticket,,i just forgot to tell u olls
i will flight back to johor..omg..
im really excited,,this is my first flight..:)
alone,but i dont care...
i really want it..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:02 AM

classmate..okay with akak izzaty and akak waniee..
i upload this picture late because,i m really buzy,but its okay..
just want to share..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:01 AM

#ring for him
okay finally this is the ring for my boyfie,,actually i already buy the ring on 
secind picture,but he said that ring is alittle big with his finger,so when i want to change to his
size ,they dont  have it,so that why i change too this ring,
its look nice on his finger ..
i really like it..when he wear this ring..:)
iloveu zaid.

Out Of Bounds:D
8:59 AM

♥Thursday, June 11, 2015

#study smart
 okay ..now i try to arrange good my schedule..make my own note and try to understand and memories it..i  dont to fall down again..now i need to believe with ALLAH..i know only him can help me..i have nothing..i just want to be with  my boyfie and iwant him to be mine forever..because i love him..May Allah bless on me..i know im not good in english .but i try hard to be good with it..i dont know why i afraid to talk with my classmates while i cant speak loud before this,,i can speak in english .but why i feel afraid with myself suddenly ...i lost it..im not feel confident..maybe because them are good and better than me..am i right?okay now i will start to sleep around 2 o clock..so i can easy to wake up..hurmm what else..okay seem i put my picture my readers will be increase..u guys like i put more photo or i put my own story..okay..i just will put my photo when i feel im bored..and today i contact with my friend.my bestfriend..thanks airina u always surpport me..and today yeah i got an apple from my boyfie .he told me he worried when im not  eat and we get breakfast together..like what he always prepare for me boiles egg,fried egg bread,fresh milk with kiss..thank sayang..u are really good guy..seriously and u really handsome..and today i have not enough money and he give to me,,he told me when i have no money ask him..but its not nice if i always ask him..i know he will give me rm50.but today i just ask for 10.and its enough for me..hurmowh yeah today they have a black guy come to me and keep ask me want to meet me and everything he told me he fall in love with me and what??i told him i already have a boyfriend and i dont need him..and i told zaid about it,he said next time he will send me to  the bus and not alloud me alone..yeah thanks sayang..u are so sweet...like sugar..owh i remember this word..
rose are red,
violet are blue,
sugar is sweet,
and so are you..

yeah i like that comic is about love in school..
but this book there have a sex..
but just openminded with it..
but im not ask u to do sex..okay..i am totally openminded,i dt underont to be like
malay poems,frog under shell,
hheheheh..okay nyte u guys

Out Of Bounds:D
10:45 AM

♥Wednesday, June 10, 2015

i dont know what i should do now,,i want to continue my study,,but,,i really love him and i choose to continue study at here,,because i love him.love is blind.but i need to study hard for my life..i cant be like this..i cant..i cant..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:20 PM

glow in the dark

Out Of Bounds:D
6:34 AM

♥Tuesday, June 9, 2015

okay .i feel a little bit stress with my life..hurmm  but i know its all start with my fault..my fault..i m not remmber ALLAH so that why i live like a people without religion..hurmm..okay i dont know why ihave no feeling to study..i need to have mood.a good mood for study right.im  sorry daddy.im not your good daughter..im not .yeah i know..the stupid person that is me.

Out Of Bounds:D
10:30 AM

♥Monday, June 8, 2015

hey ..hye u uolss..okay so today story ..hurm what happen..hahahahha..hurmm ..today im really late.not too late.but just rushing.and suddenly in the lrt..lazada staff..and unirazak staff call me.im really look like somebody blur..owhh forgot today is monday.okay i need to meet someone at unirazak.and lazda staff they want to send hello kitty mini water for me.im waiting for long day.n now i got it..im really happy..so now i feel perfect to share with u all my room..some people say im not a tidy person..but i show u.the true...:P:P who said i like to make my room dirty fuck off u ..go to the hell..okay.and i just go to the class like usually i go..and hurmm today my class finish on 4.00..im really tired..hurmm i think nothing special happen .today..owhh god.i forgot to bring my umbrella its raining..i wish im doraemon can use the magic door but im not that doraemon..okay let me share with u guys my room..

this is my new 
 mini water

Out Of Bounds:D
8:32 AM

♥Sunday, June 7, 2015

#ring for him..
okay actually i really miss him..and i plan to give him a ring since i know he has
many collection of ring,.but i know he dont have the blue ring,
so i go to mines today and at first im not plan to buy today,
but i always saw the silver shop.,after i buy 4 legging 3 for me and one for my mom
at #effuboutique so i just round.first i was thinking go to #sushiking,,but im alone 
so feel like bored if just eat alone..and suddenly i look at the silver shop
and i just stop there,and look at the ring,and it makes me remind zaid,
so i try to find which one is better for him,
yeah he really likes blue,that is his favourite colour,and after i back from mines,i meet
him and i ask him to close his eyes,and i wear it for him.
look at it..
sayang i just want u.,and i really want u to be mine forever.
see that ring look perfect when u wear it..

about my phone..okay my phone right now..zaid he send
to the shop just for fix it..and he give me this phone..
so now i can online my what app..
thanks sayang.:)

Out Of Bounds:D
12:54 PM

♥Thursday, June 4, 2015

okay i have read a sad story about a cat..but it in malay about the blind cat and someone pick him.and take care of him...yeah i miss that moment i really love cats..im really love cat..i love to hug them.give them food.im really care about my cat..but one of my cats is lost.feel upset with it.and in kl i cannot have a pet because..my flag not alloud it.and i also get a roommates that really love cat..but my boyfie he dont like cat.he like dog..but im ok with it..because..he just like to give them eat.there are animal .need food like us..and i my grandma also have a dog before this.but someone kill that dog..hurmm ..owh yeah im really happy today when my boyfie told me.maybe he can get one for me a phone..im not ask him for new phone..because its too much.i know he also need money for it..im really lucky get  u sayang.even sometime i make u angry ..im sorry..but i love u.when i told u my face is dry and its hurt me..and u told me no need to wear make up or anything..and you are mine..sayang u know .u are really sweet..and i like when u wear tshirt that i buy for u....:)..thanks sayang..

Out Of Bounds:D
1:22 PM

hurmmm..okay today story..i was absent to class again..i dont know ..my mood to class for this week is very slow.with my face like this...dried..omg..i feel uncomfortable...hurmm and my phone was broke off..its problem with the screen..its fall.but i still not told my parents about it..and my plan to singapore was cancel..because.i need to use money for this..hurmm.another one more thing..maybe i will use tab..maybe ..because its better for me..but im not sure how.i will discuss with zaid first..i know u may thought why everything need to ask zaid ..whyshould discuss with him.why im not make my own decision..actually i feel okay with it..i feel like i have someone that can help me make my decision because he is matured more than me.and he know what should he do for me..and i really love him..i feel not okay when im far from him..and i feel like i really miss him.even he not too far from me..we will webcam everyday..will talk ..i love when he send massage.baby i miss u..make me.feel..owh im sorry ..sayang.i miss you too...when i free we will meet okay..i love him so much..i love when he buy for me milk..because..its look like he is caring..on me..:) alhamdulillah..u are mine zaid..n i really want this heart for a guy like u..even u busy .even u angry..even u fight with me..but ..u are mine..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:37 AM

♥Wednesday, June 3, 2015

i know my reader will ask me,why im not put many picture with myboyfie.even im not make relationship with him on facebook.and who is eididham..in my relationship facebook..actually..i really respect my boyfie..he is a guy who is need privacy...and i cant push him to put our picture together..and i know people ask me..what kind of relationship this is..its my relationship..i know.it..and even i never add zaid on his fb..because i dont want people know who is him..and why i make fake relay with eididham....he is my favourite guy..he is my bestfriend..i know sometime we look like couple but he is my bestfriend.we make fake relay since im 15 years old.he dont want girl disturb him..and i also want the same thing..so please understand with it ok...:)..here is my life...and its me aerun..u are nothing for me..not a person who can judge me..ok..fulsstop

Out Of Bounds:D
3:56 AM

♥Tuesday, June 2, 2015

i know there are many people ask me who is Dear daniels..because your boyfie is Zaid n not daniels..yeah daniels also the same name for myboyfie..do you know why..okay actually im hello kitty for him and he is dear daniels  for me..and hello kitty have a boyfie ..his name is dear daniels

dear daniels  and hello kitty..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:53 AM

♥Monday, June 1, 2015

when i hold your hand..i feel your love and when i put 
my head at your body i heard your heart move fast..
even im shorter than u..and u are tall..but its okay i like it..when u touch my cheek
and said .u are my paw..because i told him brother said your cheek look like paw.
and he call me paw.hellokitty and others sweet name..
i love it
tq sayang for this icecream<33

he cook for me:)..see your baby is MALAS..
hahahaha ..
opss ..wht picture it is..down here...
okay actually he is azrul..and i just put it..because i forgot to upload it..

Out Of Bounds:D
1:42 PM