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♥Tuesday, May 12, 2015

today i have exam..but still not sleep until 3.00 am something lah..im just wake up from sleep on 12.00 oclock..n i really feel sleepy n tired..waiting for myboyfie text me...he really worried when im not webcam with him..just because its too late..and its not nice to webcam at night while my roommates is sleeping.i respect my roommates ok..:)...and yeahh...i dont why ..but now i got alot of friends from many country..yeah..and like it..and this morning my bestfriends in johor text me..i told her that i have problem..n thanks babe u make me strong..yeah i should ignore what people say..and she are right..i got a perfect life..and many friends..that care about me..even im in kl now..they ask to back ....stay with them .change university..its easy...but why i cant do that...because..just only one reason..i want my life like what my dream wants..study in kl...find a good boyfie.and now i got it...a good man...sayang when  u send this massage.i really fell.warghh u are my good boy..
ilove u sayang..i really love u..
i love a guy who is remind  too pray..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:08 PM