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♥Wednesday, May 20, 2015

im really happy for this moment..it happen on tuesday..19-05-15
okay imeet them ..maisarah,nik,azrul..they are all myfriend..but im sorry to them 
who is i still not meet..i miss them too much..i want back to them..to my family.my buddies..
i really happy when i meet azrul..he is my bff since i was kid..and maisarah also..she really kind..she always help me when i need her help..and nik.he is my friend..but our friendship is not long..because he also blogger like me..and i like his blog..because we write what true happen to us.
and no one care...and he deeply write with his soul...
and i feel thanks to ALLAH for let me happy for this.

buy token  for game.. 

 okay the true is about this noodles...i really like it..
okay my friend azrul,,he ask me to try it, i try it for once time..
and it really nice...:)

 see when i want watch movie with them.need my caramel popcorn

 pitch perfect 2

okay for today actually i have plan with maisarah and amani go to market and buy some 
groceries for make spaghetti at my house and send it to all our friends,just 
for make them happy to meet us..or invite them to eat at my house...
usually i do that like before..cook for them and invite them for coming..that is the best damn
thing if u can feel it.be kind with all friend,,but today..
emergencyly my mum said i cannot do it..because we need go to kl..
omg..i feel what...i miss them..but on the same time i miss zaid also..
i should meet eyjah.,i should visit fiza..and .....others more..
and suddenly i got massage from my fb..and harris massage me..omg he
want to meet me because on friday he will back to perak..
i miss him..so we just meet for a while..
i really miss him..he really cute..he really romantic..i like him..he is my friend also.
before this we have do our mural together..and now he in design course..im proud with him
even azrul and athirah also in design course..take art subject.
and they ask me why i cannot choose the same course,so we can study together,,
im sorry u guys,,i know we like to do art together,,but i choose business because i think 
about my future,,i have my own reason why..and im sorryy for it..yeah u all are right.
why i need to live and study at the place which people hate me?and that is the question.
because,i still have too many people who is more love me..at here,.,and too many..idont care 
about people hate me.,because i want to be myself..im proud to be me.AERUN
im proud,,im not a smart girl,,because im in design class,,
im not good in english.but i learn how to speak good..
and the best thing..i have a good roommates..who is respect me,,who is care 
more about me,.who is sharing with me..i have a goodboyfie..
who is love me..and he from arab..xoxo..
i have too many foreigner friend not only in my university but others university also..
i learn how to be big big girl..

so anything just follow me at my insta .https://instagram.com/aerunheyrun/
i love to write about myself..because one time if i lost my memories.it was here..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:22 AM