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♥Wednesday, May 27, 2015

iwant to let u all know about yesterday,,im really happy...seriously im so happy with yesterday,,my friends are coming to my house and we cook spaghetti together..wargh and azrul also at there..it make miss my time when im in form 5..usually on friday..they will come to myhouse..eat together or cooking together....and my parent are ok with it..and i get some video for it...i have share it on insta and my facebook...so if u want to look at it..follow my instagram first okay..if not its okat..:P
-aerunheyrun....and yess about today..nothinghappen just i wake up late like usually and then go meet mybestfriend..just remind back 2years ago..what happen to me and her..hahhahahaha.just feel want to laugh..because we smoke together in toilet..what ..u want to say im suck..fuck of u..yeah im not a good girl like what u think.but i like mylife...im smoke in the toilet..i throw all myfriend book  from level 3 ..because i hate him disturb me..and i still remember a day when i get angry with this guy,,i punsh him take his neck knock his head with bus window..hahhahhah..yeah i do it...its funny..when i remember back.and the time when my classmate want to fight with me..suddenly my brother and 6 of his friends come and give him warning..woww i really miss that time..im really miss it..i can ask for money..i can ask for everything..but now same like now..and all guy respect me..and close with me..i really miss that time..when recess time we will eat together...cook for them..until my discipline teacher always call me.and said.u are a good girl dont friends with them..and im just shut up..and them time when i was form4..and my senior ..they keep disturb me..i dont know they take my shoes and as for number..hahahahha.and i need to run and catch them for take back my shoes..at the last i throw all shoes to him....and i like to wear something different with them.every month change new back..not like now..:(..owh yeahh ..i like to wear everlast shoes with black rope..and i not follow the rule..if i think the class after recess boring i will ask my mum for take me and bring me back....:)..and the guy that i crush...hahahahhaa.a.i like to flash back all my story..because .that is my best memory for me...:)

Out Of Bounds:D
11:59 AM