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♥Sunday, May 24, 2015

okay i know my readers will ask me..why u put this..why i need to put this
video..actually i will answer..
if u can see they are from different region,,
but they still get the happiness,
because of what??
love is make everything perfect.
okay  actually i just open all the people eyes,about dont judge all people
i meant like usually malay people will think that black people is bad,person..
no...i tell u the true..no..even u go to nigeria..they are all kind,,they are more respect 
seriously...and black people also more romantic ..
i have no ex from nigeria or from black people but i friend with them
very close..and i know them..and my boyfie is from 
arab...he really kind..he can spent all his money for me ,,he will buy every type of food
to make me fat..and he really make me want to kill him..because
he is crazy..and make me love him too much..nobody can stop my heart except 
....i dont know why my friend ask me this how many people u know that not from this country..
actually i  answer
combodia,filiphine,yaman,iraq,iran ,france
yeah i know them and i learn about their culture..
im interested to more about foreigner ..since  was 15..
i try to learn their language but im not good on it..even the uzbek language,is hard to
memories,but when i was 10 years old i have learn about japanese language
but now i just remember the word of ichi.
hhahahahawhen i was 13 i learn how to speak in spanish.but because of no practice
i just can say like this la chica 
only that..when i was 15 ..i learn how to write in korea.until now imnot change
the word on my facebook..거만한

see its the word that i keep until now ..its meant arrogant..
so only that iwant to share..

Out Of Bounds:D
1:49 PM