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♥Sunday, May 10, 2015

now ..i cannot far with him..i always need him..he is the guy who is important in my life...i hope he will be my future husband..because he is good enough for me..and he can accept me..even im lazy.fat  and everything.when i ask him can i eat this for slim..and he said no.and he said that he just want me and dont care about others thing..hurmm when he cook for me..when i feel lazy to wash my clothes..and he said bring it to him..and he will wash it for me..woww honey u are really romantic ..u can do it everything for me..so im not worry if i married with him one day,,because he can handle his own life,,,but something that he hate is wash dish..i dont care about it..because he know how to cook and he can do it better than me..even when i saw him iron his clothes..i know he is the perfect guy for me..insyaallah..honey u are to romantic for me..but u know what u like to buy for me chocolate and u really want make me fat.....tq sayang...another one thing what i like about u  is we share..when u ask me ..do u have money and i said no..u will say if u need money just take from him..and sometime i like to give him my money,and always give him..because i want he keep it for me,,,better than me use it for go shopping..:)and u keep it,and sometimes u ask me if u want it i can buy for u,...u know i never heard it from others guy...u are the first one...and u dont like to touch me ,,like others guy do to her girlfriend..and i still remember what u say..only animal like to do that infront of people,because they not married yet..and u really respect me as a girl..and im really appreciate u...as myboyfie..and when u make me be strong,ignore what people said..u really a good man..i want u to be my child father...because u are th perfect one..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:27 AM