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♥Saturday, May 23, 2015

so today i watch a movie on tv3 coach carter,,
its remind me on once upon time when i m a player of basketball..
and the first time i get my own net..i feel really happy on thattime..
wargh..but now everything not same...its okay..and i really want to have my own team..
play with me basketball again..
most of my friend will ask me,,why u really obses with white people life..
yeah i know i meant most of them are not muslim.but i like more 
about they life because,they are openmind..
open mind...okay like .when u have a boyfriend or girlfriend
u can bring them to meet your parents,,and they will not gossip about their
neighbour..and others.i cant explain at here..
arghh...i have my own opinion right,,and hurm.what else..owh yeah ..today i fight
not fight but like argue with my friend..azrul..imsorry..im just feel not okay
but thanks u are my bestfriend and u can understand my feeling..
can i be like what i do before.,when im not okay just shut up and not talk..
yeahh that is me...omg..i still remember when my friends,im not talk with her
but finally we are talk now..okay ..its funny .and i want to share apicture i go to ioi city mall
again with my family during my holiday,so we go to play ice scate again.
please jealous okay.i just have no idea why they play scate with wear 
skirt ,it seriously dangerous..im not so much good play ice scate,but i know to play.
but its really dangerous when play ice scate with wear longskirt,seriously,..

okay my follower thanks for read my blog..
stalker,and haters,,if u dont my blog u can get out..
i dont care what u say..because here is mine not yours.okay 

Out Of Bounds:D
12:41 PM