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♥Saturday, April 11, 2015

now i fell fuhhhh..with myself...why??
okay actually i got a goodbf right now.he always ask me..do you have enough money....and i always say enough,,but sometimes he will give to me money..like usually..he not stingy and when i need him..he always with me..but sometimes he really crazy,he is older than me..but he like to play game...but its okay..i love him to be mine..even all malay guy judge me..its okay..for me,what that i wish when i was17 now happen to me..fall in love with arabian guy..there are to different between couple with malay,sabah,cambodia,philphine ...and others..okay u will ask how many guy u couple before him??.actually its secret...okay..u will think im a player..actually not......i dont care about what people about me..because im proud to be myself.and,..if u really follow me.remember the guy who is from philphine Jhun ..okay ..he still cute..and i wish he happy with her life now..and the guy who is cambodia kwen...now he already married..congrate to you.n me..with my crazy life...but its okay...i happy with it..because i happy with my friends ..i love all of my friend whois always help me and surpport me from back....:):)...

Out Of Bounds:D
11:33 PM