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♥Thursday, April 30, 2015

i love mylife.because life is not easy.and i dont care people judge me..even i friend with foreigner.i dont know why they hate it..i dont care..because they are not the people who give me everything.they not the people who take care of me..i love it..and im happy...happy with me...even others people jealous im with myboyfie..i just ignore it.because im deserve for get a happiness.because they not try to get the happiness so that why they want me feel down..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:53 PM

♥Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Out Of Bounds:D
5:40 AM

♥Tuesday, April 21, 2015

i always like this with..i want him and him.to be mine forever,
and nobody disturb our relay..
i cant imagine how if he leave me,
because i really love him..
even we still new,but i want him,,
i afraid if he back to iraq and not come back again at here,,
leave me..
all guys ask me why i choose arabian guy,..
because they are sweet n romantic and not stingy...
i dont meant all malay are stingy and not romantic,,
but on my opinion because,i already couple with them,,even i ask for 
something they will say no..
everything need to share..okay got it,,
.hurmm....it doesnt meant i hate malay guy okay.
all people they have diffrent opinion,so depends on a person,
what type of people that they like...
now i feel missing..when i m not meet zaid..i feel not okay
i feel missing him...i dont know what he feel..but me...i feel it ..
i really love him..

Out Of Bounds:D
5:32 AM

♥Monday, April 13, 2015

even im not a lucky girl who is,,,perfect,that look good..but u always protect me....and i love it..when u do everything for me..now i really know that u really love me..i hope this is the last relay.,.because i dont want to change another boyfie.i hope u be my future husband.....when i ask u"can i absent today" u will ask me..give me a reason...why...until...i have no reason for it...im serious with u..and i dont want others disturb me...even my ex//please dont disturb me anymore..forget me...i also want my life..just go ahead with your life dont wait for me.....u should know why i dont want meet u again..because of your fault...because of your attitude..not respect me as a girl.....so please go///and go.....

Out Of Bounds:D
8:29 PM

♥Saturday, April 11, 2015

now i fell fuhhhh..with myself...why??
okay actually i got a goodbf right now.he always ask me..do you have enough money....and i always say enough,,but sometimes he will give to me money..like usually..he not stingy and when i need him..he always with me..but sometimes he really crazy,he is older than me..but he like to play game...but its okay..i love him to be mine..even all malay guy judge me..its okay..for me,what that i wish when i was17 now happen to me..fall in love with arabian guy..there are to different between couple with malay,sabah,cambodia,philphine ...and others..okay u will ask how many guy u couple before him??.actually its secret...okay..u will think im a player..actually not......i dont care about what people about me..because im proud to be myself.and,..if u really follow me.remember the guy who is from philphine Jhun ..okay ..he still cute..and i wish he happy with her life now..and the guy who is cambodia kwen...now he already married..congrate to you.n me..with my crazy life...but its okay...i happy with it..because i happy with my friends ..i love all of my friend whois always help me and surpport me from back....:):)...

Out Of Bounds:D
11:33 PM

♥Saturday, April 4, 2015

hey its me.aerun...see i get my rainbow after raining..so today
i do my assignment with my classmates

 so he is my friend..only friend okay..from libya..:)

opssss..today 5-april...happy birthday to my abang...

okay so this is old picture..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:26 AM