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♥Monday, March 2, 2015

i need to finish all of this so tomorrow i have quiz for ict and on wednesday i have quiz for reading..warghh stress lah...nevermind..but i need to ready right..hurm i should confident that i can do this..owh yeah another one thing hurmm i miss at nuriddin.okay who is he..he is a guy who is live in kazakhtan ..okay he is  nice guy who is i ever meet...hehehehehe..he not my boyfie but after i finish my bachelor..i want go meet him.and i want go to philiphine because i want to meet jhun dennis to...i hope so i can meet them before im married and after i finish my bachelor....how about zaid..?okay he is my sayang..who is my boyfie..fullstop.i hope this relationship can continue until we married..i dont know right now i can't feel when i look at malay guy..yeahh maybe my friend is true..i should choose international people ..because when i was young i told him that i want to marry with international people not malay.its doesn't meant i hate malay guy..no..and no.. okay..i just choose..when we choose it .we want to choose a correct person right..so about life..my life now is better..is better to sit with people who is not talk bad about us.and why we should friend with them..right.kick them to tiang goal...hahahahahha.(malay language)..

Out Of Bounds:D
8:58 AM