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♥Monday, February 2, 2015

am i to extreme..okay fine i have break off for many time..i dont know its about my fault or what....maybe im not to matured with this ..okay am i a player??owh no..shit ..did i do that..i'm not  ..i dont want to be a player..maybe before this i always feel hurt and painful..i"m tired with all guys who is cant understand me..when i try to be loyal with a person .that  guy will have another person..or my relationship will get disturb from others girl..arghhh hate it..okay now...tonight my ex he chat with me..he from sarawak..he said that he miss me..FUCK OFF u ..u leave and hurt me.....than u said u miss me..its not enough when u make my life be sux....so .now i fall in love with somebody..who is that guy.okay ..shuhhhh...secret...hehhehehehe........hurmm about my phone..i feel tired with it..maybe i need to change a new phone..i should earn money....for it...right it

i really wish for this phone.. i phone6 pluss...
arghh i really want it...

if i can't get it ..its okay if get this phone..also okay..
lenovo s850
i really want it...this camera is sharp..i want it.....

Out Of Bounds:D
11:33 AM