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‚ô•Friday, January 30, 2015

have u in this situation??
yeah me too..i feel the same thing..
u will feel sad...urghhh .i can't understand my parents..
why they still act like a kid..while they are older than me
..something i feel boring with all this..i hate to stand here and look at all this ..
i feel like im in mirror and can't go out for try to make they stop..
i can't do that..i want my happy family back...i know my dad and mum change...because
of them ex..i dont  know middle finger for them ex..why should disturb 
my family..that is your  old story..do you want get back with my mum and dad..
and take everything from me and my brother?why...
u all have child..why still want take all people that i love from me..
do you know that u are all stupid..why u not try get your love when my mom want to married
why u not try cancel my mom and dad married day...why should now..
that is my question..and now ..when the time i need them .
u guy try make this family be broken..
and dad .why u not try to be a good dad.if u really love mum
why u not try to make your love be perfect...and why u still massage your exgf..
why should u do that..
and mom..why u still want compare dad with your ex...why should u do that..
if u know u want a guy who is can take care ..and caring about u..
why should u choose my dad..and now 
u always massage your ex....for share what happen..its happen because of whatsapp
can u all uninstall your whats app if u all really love me 
as your daughter...we have live together more than 10 years..
and they guy just gadfly..for our family..this is difficult 
challenges..that i should face with it..i hope ..it will not longer than what i think.
because no matter what happen i should stand strong with this problem.

Out Of Bounds:D
3:59 AM