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♥Wednesday, January 28, 2015

money and love..??
okay for me love and money which want is important..
okay ..i will choose money first...
because why..i know u guys will says am i materialistic..
the answer is no..okay firstly my topic is about
some people will say its not a big deal..
but for me..married is a big deal..because i want be married on 25 years old..
which is i have everything..i saw there are many my friends who is married
in the young time..how can they survive their life without money..
okay for sure right now..when u go to toilet u also need money 
right ...nobody can give u enter without money..
urghhh its not about love ..i know love can make money..but are u really sure 
your lifepartner can make u happy all times without money.
im just want the best for my generation..i dont want my generation be a poor people..
i meant poor  in many situation..for example..education....okay..i want 
my child get what they want..for instance like music class.extra class.
i want i have more time with them..get what they want..i dont they be in my situation.
because its difficult to face the true..like what i did before this..
i dont want they just imagine and not get it...i dont want they feel upset..
because i no that feeling really hurt...that why i want i to be rich before im married.
and one thing that i feel afraid if im poor ..if something bad happen and im divorce.
i have nothing because im believe with true love and..married with no money ..
be poor ...and at the end.your husband leave u..its not easy okay for ..we woman 
for take care alone our child..its difficult..we dont have time to take care of them.
we need much money for buy book and everything for them.event a  guy who is
get their salary for rm3000 still can't surport a family ..seriously..
that is the true..our world is buzy with something new.,,money is no 1..so its just a fact 
dont married in while u still young ..u dont know what gonna be happen for u..
i have many people that i know who is divorce get a problem because there 
are not mature for settle their problem..and dont know how to solve it.
do u want to get status divorce while u teenage..and what people in this world will think 
about u...i meant  come on do you want get widow status while u still young..
.of cause no right..i believe with destiny..but . we still can change it before it happen..
now ...im  just want to focus of my study....and enjoy with my teenage life..okay..that is me..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:05 AM