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♥Sunday, January 18, 2015

i am stalker...
okay what the hell with this right..

so since iam in primary school.i am not sure in 200?? but i study in year 6.my brother make myspace account for me...in my time ..its famous ..the first thing that i learn in cyberworld myspace.. i still remember this two guys i like in myspace..but there are famous and hot..so they don't know about until right now..i still stalk about this guys..okay but just this one guys..because the another one..i dont know his nickname..and from his name i got and idea to have my own nickname..like AERUNHEYRUN..see stop...okay so follower do you agree if i make a video for what in my bag ?in youtube..?owhh bullshit....nobody know me..because im just silent reader and invisible...i just want to share with u about the guys that i stalk until now..so i also know i have stalker...its same like what goes around comes around..i like this word seriously....so follow me in http://instagram.com/aerunheyrun/
because im really active with my insta..and tomorrow i should back to kl..and go for what i should do at there study and study..owh about my ex...so know im just have nothing with him..seriously iam not hate him..im just dont want he call me like i am his girlfriend..because i feel awkward with it..i meant he will still i am his girlfriend..while i dont know my status..can u imagine that..okay fullstop..i meant like i feel free but not too free.like this..i dont want this happen to me again....okay...yeah im still young i should enjoy myfreedom before married..right?

Out Of Bounds:D
10:19 AM