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‚ô•Friday, January 2, 2015

#breakout games

yow so dh lme gile aerun x update cerite..okay its about my u...owhh damn i have exam final...really sorry ..busy .okay so today i want to share about me..i went to #avenuek..because we have breakout to do at there..so alhal guys you should tried it..owh damn what the hell..u can learn something new at there..i really  want play it again..its was difficult but nevermind..because its need a group member who are you should work hard together..okay n finally i got my new shoes..#newbalance...okay really love it damn much..first i thought that i want bought the fake one..but when i thought it back..no need lah..better got the original one..because i may use it for the long time..and actually i bought it in #avenue k..#klcc..and its expensive..but it okay for me..because ireally wish for get it...i tried use debit card..because i had never use it before..i start use debit card i buy #victoriasecret stuff...okay that perfume really make me wonder...can't stop fall in love with #victoriasecret..i sorry for right in english because i should improve my language...should correct all my spelling ..so when should i tried learn correct my mistake..its now..

xoxo newiphone

Out Of Bounds:D
9:03 AM