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♥Saturday, January 31, 2015

i wish them will love me...

still feel ..sad.. urghhh...sometime i feel like my parents not love me..i don't know why...maybe because i angry with my self...i try ask my self..they love us or not?why always keep fighting ....why still contact your ex ??i know what happen at here they don't know..because they don't know about me.....maybe this is the destiny.that i have never wish...yeah maybe...i feel sux with my self...im just know right now.what that i do..my brother always know...he always dream something bad.if i do something wrong..that is normal or not?because it happen since im in 16 years old.....hurmm back to my parents story..i hope they will okay insyaallah....

Out Of Bounds:D
9:32 AM

♥Friday, January 30, 2015

i dont know what i should do right now..have u try love someone with feeling guilt...i meant maybe u have couple or married with somebody..and slowly your feeling stop to your partner ..and u love somebody else..u don't want to hurt your partner..but u do it..when your partner ask for why?what?and you not let them go..because..when u let her go..everything can change but u still can't married the people who is you love because they already taken or already married...and u can't take her or him from others people..but u can love them...love hindered....so u make a decision for stay with your partner although you always keep fighting with your partner(wife/husband)..when they love u.and they said that u dont love them.because u not serve them as u love them....so for take care of them feeling u just try to give them something but not from your heart..and full with  felling guilt..that is the true..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:49 AM

have u in this situation??
yeah me too..i feel the same thing..
u will feel sad...urghhh .i can't understand my parents..
why they still act like a kid..while they are older than me
..something i feel boring with all this..i hate to stand here and look at all this ..
i feel like im in mirror and can't go out for try to make they stop..
i can't do that..i want my happy family back...i know my dad and mum change...because
of them ex..i dont  know middle finger for them ex..why should disturb 
my family..that is your  old story..do you want get back with my mum and dad..
and take everything from me and my brother?why...
u all have child..why still want take all people that i love from me..
do you know that u are all stupid..why u not try get your love when my mom want to married
why u not try cancel my mom and dad married day...why should now..
that is my question..and now ..when the time i need them .
u guy try make this family be broken..
and dad .why u not try to be a good dad.if u really love mum
why u not try to make your love be perfect...and why u still massage your exgf..
why should u do that..
and mom..why u still want compare dad with your ex...why should u do that..
if u know u want a guy who is can take care ..and caring about u..
why should u choose my dad..and now 
u always massage your ex....for share what happen..its happen because of whatsapp
can u all uninstall your whats app if u all really love me 
as your daughter...we have live together more than 10 years..
and they guy just gadfly..for our family..this is difficult 
challenges..that i should face with it..i hope ..it will not longer than what i think.
because no matter what happen i should stand strong with this problem.

Out Of Bounds:D
3:59 AM

♥Thursday, January 29, 2015

happy a day..
okay today i go out with my friends ..okay .i have not mention her name before this..because we are close..but not to close i meant when we are study together..she also my friends..okay i meet her..so we just go together to #citysquare..yeah ..i have long time not hang out and shopping at here. not like long time ago..i have spent much time at cs.my money..i dont know why i really crazy do that..hahahhaha..what the chicks...owh yeah i forgot for something..i have try to play ice skate at suteral mall..yow its sux ..i really said what the fucking off with this ice..seriously i have finish for 20 bucks..shitt..i can use that money for buy my foundation or add another 10 bucks for play ice scate at ioimall...the place is really small..and u will say what the hell i pay for it..i hate with the ice..because the ice make me weird i have never try this ice..i dont know i think that is not the true ice.because its not smooth...i can feel the different between ice and ......okay i enjoy with my games for today..my life for this week..and another one thing yeah do you know that i have tidy up my stuff room today..and i found my dairy when i was 12..and i really feel want to laugh when i read it...hahhh..aerun ..what the hackss u write and feel like this..hahhahaha.so funny....and i try hard to write my own story myownlife...myownway..because that is me...but i feel sad because i got my result for today...and i feel really sad with my result..i wish i will in semester 2nd.plis...

Out Of Bounds:D
10:37 AM

♥Wednesday, January 28, 2015

money and love..??
okay for me love and money which want is important..
okay ..i will choose money first...
because why..i know u guys will says am i materialistic..
the answer is no..okay firstly my topic is about
some people will say its not a big deal..
but for me..married is a big deal..because i want be married on 25 years old..
which is i have everything..i saw there are many my friends who is married
in the young time..how can they survive their life without money..
okay for sure right now..when u go to toilet u also need money 
right ...nobody can give u enter without money..
urghhh its not about love ..i know love can make money..but are u really sure 
your lifepartner can make u happy all times without money.
im just want the best for my generation..i dont want my generation be a poor people..
i meant poor  in many situation..for example..education....okay..i want 
my child get what they want..for instance like music class.extra class.
i want i have more time with them..get what they want..i dont they be in my situation.
because its difficult to face the true..like what i did before this..
i dont want they just imagine and not get it...i dont want they feel upset..
because i no that feeling really hurt...that why i want i to be rich before im married.
and one thing that i feel afraid if im poor ..if something bad happen and im divorce.
i have nothing because im believe with true love and..married with no money ..
be poor ...and at the end.your husband leave u..its not easy okay for ..we woman 
for take care alone our child..its difficult..we dont have time to take care of them.
we need much money for buy book and everything for them.event a  guy who is
get their salary for rm3000 still can't surport a family ..seriously..
that is the true..our world is buzy with something new.,,money is no 1..so its just a fact 
dont married in while u still young ..u dont know what gonna be happen for u..
i have many people that i know who is divorce get a problem because there 
are not mature for settle their problem..and dont know how to solve it.
do u want to get status divorce while u teenage..and what people in this world will think 
about u...i meant  come on do you want get widow status while u still young..
.of cause no right..i believe with destiny..but . we still can change it before it happen..
now ...im  just want to focus of my study....and enjoy with my teenage life..okay..that is me..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:05 AM

♥Thursday, January 22, 2015

owh injection

so i dont know what wrong with me..
i easy to get head ache.dizzy
and everyday i feel like that..now i back to jaybee for make 
medical check up...because i dont want anything happen 
when i start my 2nd sem...i really excited to stidy as usually..
and comes to class with out mc..
study while i know im not clever like others people..
i dont want to be others.i want be myownself..
while sometimes i feel im just speak infront of mirror...
but its okay..now i know my ownself..my fault..
my secret will be myownsecret,,
and your secret i will be keep..as your secret..

Out Of Bounds:D
10:44 AM

♥Wednesday, January 21, 2015

so today i go to #colombiahospital....what the hell yesterday evening i  go to clinic..because i got headache and gag ..okay its really ridiculous when the doctor say i got gastric..what OMg...seriously i have no problem with food..im just on time..when i feel hungry and everything...but it make me awkward when this stupid doctor say i got gastric..okay i just get one injection ..and make me feel better for 4or5 hourand then my head ache start again..and in the morning zaid bring to #serdanghospital...what the fish..there are many people at there..i should wait for 4 5 hours...i'm just keep whine ..and at the last we go to #colmbiahospital..they have good serve and the price also aexpensive.293.00..i go there with taxi..because i ask my friend..she say she is busy...i dont know sometimes when somebody need me.. i help them..when i need somebody in help..nobody wants to helps me...right>>?

Out Of Bounds:D
9:50 AM

♥Sunday, January 18, 2015

i am stalker...
okay what the hell with this right..

so since iam in primary school.i am not sure in 200?? but i study in year 6.my brother make myspace account for me...in my time ..its famous ..the first thing that i learn in cyberworld myspace.. i still remember this two guys i like in myspace..but there are famous and hot..so they don't know about until right now..i still stalk about this guys..okay but just this one guys..because the another one..i dont know his nickname..and from his name i got and idea to have my own nickname..like AERUNHEYRUN..see stop...okay so follower do you agree if i make a video for what in my bag ?in youtube..?owhh bullshit....nobody know me..because im just silent reader and invisible...i just want to share with u about the guys that i stalk until now..so i also know i have stalker...its same like what goes around comes around..i like this word seriously....so follow me in http://instagram.com/aerunheyrun/
because im really active with my insta..and tomorrow i should back to kl..and go for what i should do at there study and study..owh about my ex...so know im just have nothing with him..seriously iam not hate him..im just dont want he call me like i am his girlfriend..because i feel awkward with it..i meant he will still i am his girlfriend..while i dont know my status..can u imagine that..okay fullstop..i meant like i feel free but not too free.like this..i dont want this happen to me again....okay...yeah im still young i should enjoy myfreedom before married..right?

Out Of Bounds:D
10:19 AM

♥Tuesday, January 13, 2015

okay hari ni aku jumpe fadil for the last time..im really with him..okay fine dia pulangkan brg2 aku blk...tpi bnde aku xleh terime ape dia ckp..sakit tau hati aku..aku mmg makin marah makin sakit hati dgn dia.....fine dia nak back up eeka ...teruskan lah..tpi dia sebut pasal ex aku..ape yg dia ckp kat aku smua x btul..aku xde ape2 kat sini..kat kl  ni.dunia kedua langkah aku...sdangkan makn aku pun kat sini x ckup ...xboleh aku nak pikir ape yg dia ckp...terpulang kat dia nak ckp aku buat ape2 kat kl ni..aku cme shopping haritu jerk..sbb nak lepas kan tension aku..aku kwn dgn spe jerkk dgn sathis ..itu pun indian boy ...hey x fhm aku dgn dia..tdi lpas dia hntar aku blk..mmg aku rse nak nangis dgn tuduhan dia tu....so aku pun ape lgi..aku makan dlu.sbb lapar pulak perut ni .amek duit smua..keluar kerete gi jmpe member2 aku smua..and then aku ajak boy teman aku gi tindik telinge .aku marah sgt smpai aku xleh nak control marah aku....biar lah sakit tindik telinge ni...aku tindik banyak2..biar lah sakit mcm ape ..aku dah x peduli..ingt nak shisha ke ape..tpi xpe lah..amek rokok jerk...layan ..fine dh xde spe leh kongkong aku..so terpulang lah aku nak  amek ape pun..aku xksah.aku dgn dunia aku.lantak lah org nak ckp ape..hidup masing2..stu kotak tdi lpas gian jgak aku..aku tdi gi desa rakyat jap dgn cha,boy,pipie and bobboy,,so aku ckp lah dgn dorg aku nak bwak motor..dri pg smpai jb...pergh rindu sey nak bwak motor cm ni..dh lme x bwak motor mcm ni..aku blk tdi pkul 23 pgi jgak..mama dok call jer..nasib mama x marah ....lpak kat rumah pipie..aku ingt nak tdur jerk situ..sbb dh pnat..tpi xpe lah..esok2 jerk lh aku tdur..lgi pun..esok ptg nak blk kg dh...so tu jerk lah..
tdi aku buat..sakit x sakit..belakang pikir

Out Of Bounds:D
12:17 PM

♥Friday, January 9, 2015

so aku punye penat memang xhilang..nak mengeluh jga lah..geram aku dgn fadil ni ..aku dah buat keputusan better break up jerk lah...aku letak pic aku dgn zainol..okay sbb dia member aku..so aku letak kat wechat..aku xde pun update caption he is my prince or what ever lah..kan ...dah dia jeles..geram .dgn aku.tau pulak..time aku dia update name mcm nme gf dia tu bagai..lpas tu ckp adik angkat..aku mmg ckp sorry lah aku xmampu nak bgi peluang ketiga utk dia..aku pun ade kehendak aku jgak aku bukannya brg yg boleh beli ade diskaun..minx lgi diskaun mcm tu..ni bukan #ENDYEARSALES..okay..aku pun dh buat keputusan yg lpas ni mmg aku nak hidup care aku ..study btul2 xyah pikir pasal bnde2 ni lgi..aku kat jb pun seminggu jerk..so aku nak jmpe dia kali terakhir jerk..aku dah pasrah aku tau dia utk eyka n bukan utk aku..cukup lah ...and aku nak dia terima hakikat..aku x smpurna dan aku bukan pmpuan yang layak utk dia.okay...banyak lagi aku nak pkir..tau x..aku x suke lah bile poksu dia masuk campur tanye aku..sbb bgi aku ni bnde settle dua jerk..x yah ade yg ketige or keempat...aku bosan..bile dia ckp yerk lah dia kan ikut cre kg...ape smua..aku xde pun pkir2 bnde2 tu k...so ni mmg keputusan aku..dan ..aku x kan berganjak..

Out Of Bounds:D
6:48 AM

♥Tuesday, January 6, 2015


oMG I AM REALLY BE A SHoPERHOLIC GIRL...SERiously i always use debit card...for shopping ..okay something that i hate right now is..err u know what..i finish my 50 buds for something not original but the true is i can get others original more quality in lazada and others..seriously i really feel owh no..#what the hell...i feel want throw  my make up palete #naked3 ..what the shit...hurmm okay now i at #serdang...maybe i will back on saturday..too many secret that i keep in here..so not at all u will know okay my gossip blogger...i really miss to meet my friends and everybody in johor. i hope i will be in sem2 ..i wishh it..because im worry i will fail..with my result...and  ok .. u know what i have order in lazada new hand bag..yow..it from tokyolife..

im really waiting for this handbag....seriously...i want it..

Out Of Bounds:D
12:40 AM

♥Friday, January 2, 2015

#breakout games

yow so dh lme gile aerun x update cerite..okay its about my u...owhh damn i have exam final...really sorry ..busy .okay so today i want to share about me..i went to #avenuek..because we have breakout to do at there..so alhal guys you should tried it..owh damn what the hell..u can learn something new at there..i really  want play it again..its was difficult but nevermind..because its need a group member who are you should work hard together..okay n finally i got my new shoes..#newbalance...okay really love it damn much..first i thought that i want bought the fake one..but when i thought it back..no need lah..better got the original one..because i may use it for the long time..and actually i bought it in #avenue k..#klcc..and its expensive..but it okay for me..because ireally wish for get it...i tried use debit card..because i had never use it before..i start use debit card i buy #victoriasecret stuff...okay that perfume really make me wonder...can't stop fall in love with #victoriasecret..i sorry for right in english because i should improve my language...should correct all my spelling ..so when should i tried learn correct my mistake..its now..

xoxo newiphone

Out Of Bounds:D
9:03 AM