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♥Sunday, October 5, 2014

yow...okay right now i'm studied at unirazak,keyell..okay from johor move to keyell and yeah friends for me its something too difficult for try to a new place..while move to palace its not same like ours house..i am not good in english,but in unirazak i learn english,n who can't speak in english will get a poison box..hurmm far from my boyfriend..its hurt.but its okay i still teenage n i should enjoy my life..like  my life my dream..i always dream that one day i want to studying at here..key ell...yeahh..new friends..i am too gratefull..i always get a good friends who is same like me..huhhh something that i feel not okay.one of my bestie col me n need my help when i was at ktm..yeahh itss for me she is too rude,why i say she is too rude because she has say that i am not good..with this n i should choose..bllaaaa blaaa...erhhh..n now col for need help...itss suxx okay..i enjoy study at here its too different with unifield which is i should study in garage car..which is far from everything..urhhh hate it..now my new life is near with all type of tower,n i am not change i still know who i am..and what i should to be...back to jaybee is like to back at my awesome house....yeahh..miss everything all about my house..spent much time for hug my baby pillow my bear..n all my stuff..

Out Of Bounds:D
12:09 PM