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♥Saturday, May 17, 2014

okay dh lame aerun xupdate blog ni..sbb aerun sndiri rase penat..aerun byk gune beetalk n instagram.so kwn2 follow lah....okay...aerun bru blk dri kl..sbnarnye aerun skrg tngh ade byk masalah..but aerun tolak satu tepi2...aerun ckp jujur family aerun skrg x mcm dlu......i wish get back myhappy family..i miss them..aku tngok percutian kat kl x rase ape2..aku yg bawak mama na abg jalan....ape ni daddy..u just give me money for survay my own life...not for now..i use my own money....i bought something that you call membazir...but how about you.....how about you that spent much time for nothing ..how about our family..how about mama me and abang..you should think it back....i spent much money for me..for buy what i need n if i can buy back our happy family itry......i hope that is not the black magic.....i wish it not..that because we always not okay..you always with somebody else and not think about my feeling..i will be okay if there are no more fighting you and mama ..but i am teen ..i can't do anything..just pray for it...pray for my family.....yes dad..i'm not a perfect daughter that you have,,but i try to be...i can't to be what that you want because i want my own life...that because u always choose my way..until i always lie with you..i lie you..while i know you are my dad...that because of you....you always say you are tired..lazy..just go ahead...i search my own way..my own happiness...you not ask me about something that i like you just look with something that u think its okay...no daddy..sometimes i want something suprise from you,,but not...i'm not..there have no more suprise.....but now you give me big suprise while i'm not think about it.....a big problem..

Out Of Bounds:D
11:00 AM