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♥Sunday, February 23, 2014

okay i know i'm not the perfect girl infornt of you..but you accept  who i'm
when we start a new relay i feel like you are my good boyfriends..while sometimes
you be a very hot temper...but i still know who you are..n i accept all about u..
u know what ,.you are the nepal boy n i'm a malay girl..while since i look at your
face i know you are different with others boy..I see your cry because of me..
n i see your mad because u can't accept i have a boyfriend..And i see worried when
i sick..I know since i break up with Daus.i feel like i have a heart but i should put my heart in a bottle
then close it.And you like a water in the bottle that make me feel fresh..
Honey i know this relay is hard..But i try to know n understand who you are.
I know your back of Family.
You are from rich family,but that because your broken family,you be at here,
Honey i wish you will be mine forever,but i know until one time we
will break off.Maybe because we are different,,you are buddy n i'm muslim.
you are to smart n handsome.when your smile i feel like yoww you are too cute..
i like your baby face,maybe first time i say that your face is look like a gay boy,but
now u are mine..You are to caring,but you are to sensetif..
i try to understand you n learn how to speak in nepali...n you learn how to speak in malay..
you know what honey ,,i have no photos all about us.But i have
a sweet n romantic memory all about u n me..
i Love you..Subash..
Seriously i fall in love with u more then i love the malay boy,because
you are my very good boy..you always want me beside u
kiss you make me feel like i'm in the sky full with star,fly n hug at the back of you ..
But i know we will not long..right..??
I just want to be a good boyfriend that i have...
I remember about what that my friend say,about u ,
the technician at our factory that i hate,the men who is think that he is good
while he just a looser mad at u in malay launguage while you don't know
what is the meaning,n then one of myfriend say that you don't know malay
n he say,couple with the malay girl while you don't know about malay..
its okay honey..u learn it right...if i at there i will kick the old men..hurhhhh..
i just wait the day of meet u with your good smile..

Out Of Bounds:D
12:16 PM