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♥Monday, June 3, 2013

okay skrg aerun dh kat johor..n now i'm here welcome bukit dahlia..so korg .follower..now i kat pg rock city.agak2 l
aw nk dtg rumah tuh dtg lah..fyi korg ..aerun dh kurg layan blog.maybe malas kot.skrg ni mmg mood asyik malas jerk..terukk kan.owh yeah aerun nk dpt 9a spm..tpi aerun x usaha.x tau lah ape yg buat aerun malas sgt.hurmm.i need to do something right..another one me thing.about i  got a critical about..that because i love someone that nme is hifzan..n in the same time i love daus..yeah love is .sux.i should be single..but Allah have give me a young men.for take care about me.i know when i have no boyfie,.i will be more sux...such as go to smoke..hang out with all boy..hahhh yeahh.i know ..that why i should have a boyfie right..ehem2..so now..what should i do...istill don't know..i need to search at google how to be .gud...

Out Of Bounds:D
1:41 AM