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♥Saturday, May 25, 2013

okay let's me story all about holiday the 1st thing that wish since last year i one go holiday at kayell.that because last year i just go there for 3 days only.that not enough..n something that i hate it is shopp with my ex..hurgghhh nothing that i can't get it..its okay now i just go with mama n daddy..so i can handle it where that i want to go n where that i want to make a pitstop...hurmm hurmmm  the one more thing i have back from my village this evening..before that we just go to  bandar penawar.just for nothing.i thing nothing interest at there..full village boy that think there are gud....no boydy is gud..n nobody is perfect..so why should there look at us like  we should respect at them..hey looser..i will not respect others people..if there not respect me first.okay at 12.00 a.m i with my boyfie just go to jaybee..we just get date....cause i will leave him for a week..i know he will miss me..n me too..he is so gud  for me..n now i thing i am hungry..i want eat Satay ..owh yeah tommorrow maybe i will get satay kajang..owhh..i wish it..okay ..i am watching nim's island right now..just get a pause for right this dairy...i know its bored.but its me..the true girl...

Out Of Bounds:D
1:01 PM