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♥Thursday, April 11, 2013

okay let's me story all about what happen to me start monday..okay..seriesly i fall sick..at school..i get fever..n then tuesday.wed.thurs.n fri(today)..i not go to school..i get head ace and my friend..Wan that come to my house..just for visit me..thank dude...u are gud frenza...:P..okay now i just want to say that..when i start close my eyes..i will see something  in the dark.n my strong imagine  make me can see many type of eyes..it look like a drawing..hurmm..i'm not afraid with that...that because i believe Allah always with me..i try type in english...that because i want get a good english..n yesterday ..i meant 2 days ago..on wednesday..my aunt come to myhouse..just for have a dinner with mymama at Cafe..n then she say that i look nice n preety...she also told me ..why i look slim right now?hurm am i slim?or she just make a joke?...hurmm mybro say that i was not eat at night..yeah i know i was not eat at night that because i try to diet ..so we have our dinner n i just take a beef soup with white rice..i not half ..but  a little bit of the white rice..mymama want i eat..but i say that i can't..seriesly i lost my zest..hurmm..so for this week i get a recess n holiday..but start monday..i will not relax..i should study hard...n about my boyfie...i still single..n i don't know why should i say i love them boys..the true is i love them..but not more as my boyfie..i want someone that rightful for me..hurmm and yeah..today my dad will back from outstation.....hurmm..so i just want go to sleep right now..that because i'm tired.to guard until morning..hurmm just say bye2
owh yeah wait i'm just want show to you all me.
wear my new ribbon scarf..
you should but it too..

 hey hey was up this is me aerun...


 this is the ring that give to my dude on his birthday.n if you see under
of his hand is his newmobile..he get from my dad.
Xperia Go.(yellow)

 here is my old pencilcase that sew it n change it 

do you thing it cool..i sew by my ownself okay..

 this sandle from mama to my dude..its colourful..yeah mydude
really love something colourful exspecially the colour of bright
 n this is my sandle..my bro always borrow my sandle.but not for now.
hey ladies..remember we are girl..n we are too expensive.
don't forget to wear socks
 i  choose fresh cream for my brother.i know he like this cake..
simple..but delicious.
yummyummm.he finish it.n not live for me..XD
hurmm owh yeahh..now i have my own ..wechat okay.
but not wassup.i just on it when i need..hurmm.
yeahh SPm is important..n
i should stop for blogger.facebookker,vloger,twitter,tagger,hifer..
n what ever...i should stop it..right..hurmm..n one more thing i should..save my lappy.n just on..every
saturday n sunday..right?hurmm.yeah that right..
okay..i bye..:)

Out Of Bounds:D
6:36 PM